Pittsburgh Marathon Training: Taking it on the Road

This week I’m in Washington DC for a conference, but that doesn’t mean my training for the Pittsburgh Marathon is on hold.  No way!  May 6th race day is a mere 100 days away (from today, January 26th).  One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about getting in shape and becoming an “adult onset athlete” is when I’m in a new city, I can tour on my feet.  So continue after the break, and follow along with me on my Washington DC training run/tour.

Once the conference sessions ended for the day, I was itching to lace up my running shoes and bolt out the door.  Everyone else was shmoozing and talking about getting drinks at Happy Hour, but I had some training to do and sights to see.  I strapped my camera on my back, left the hotel, and headed towards the National Mall.

It was a gorgeous late afternoon in DC, sunny skies, and temps in the upper 40’s.  I waved to some wax Presidents outside Madame Tussauds, and passed the International Spy Museum (I want to take a peek inside before I leave town).

I make a quick turn onto Pennsylvania Avenue, 1 mile complete, and the US Capital looms in front of me.

After looping around the Capitol Reflecting Pool, I head up the far side of the National Mall, and see the Castle of the Smithsonian Institution – 2 miles down.

The sun is getting lower in the sky as I pause at the iconic Washington Monument obelisk.

Across the street stands the World War II Memorial, and I’ve reached the 3 mile point in my run.  Usually, this is where I finish my midweek training run, but today I continue along the reflecting pool (undergoing major renovation) and work my way up to the Lincoln Memorial.  A quick stop to acknowledge President Abraham Lincoln, 2012 marks the 150th anniversary of his Emancipation Proclamation.

I bid adieu to Lincoln, have run the length of the National Mall, and have 4 miles behind me.  There’s one last sight I need to see before I call it quits – good night President Obama, 5 miles down.

Running in a new city, and sight-seeing on my feet is a great motivator for me.  It’s so fresh to see something new along the way, and the monuments of Washington DC are so very inspiring.  My pace was not the fastest, I stopped to take photos, and soaked in the atmosphere of my surroundings.  However, there will be plenty of training runs in the next 100 days to work on pace and distance.  Today was about seeing something new.

Are you training for an upcoming race, maybe even the Pittsburgh Marathon?  Are you trying to maintain your fitness, stay in shape or get back in shape?  Please leave a comment below, and share how your training is going.  Click here for the next installment of my training efforts for the Pittsburgh Marathon.  For more running adventures, be sure to follow Adventures by Daddy on twitter and “like” our facebook page too.

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