A Kid Perspective on Scooops Spa at Great Wolf Lodge

After the end of school (which was EXTREMELY late since we live in Rochester, NY) our family decided to weekend trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky, OH to celebrate the beginning of summer.  We arrived at Great Wolf Lodge, and on Saturday my sister and I headed to the new Scooops Kid Spa for manicures.  I’m still a little confused as to why Scoops is spelled with three o’s.  Maybe the o’s are supposed to be ice cream scoops or something.  I was a little apprehensive of the “kid’s spa” before we arrived at the appointment, I was nervous that it would be oriented toward little kids and not appealing to older kids (like me – age 14).

The spa itself is small, but comfortable.  There is plenty of room for the manicure table and two pedicure benches.  There was also a ginormous wall of merchandise, which included nail polish, and lots of fuzzy stuff (blankets, robes, etc.).

When we walked in to the spa, there was absolutely no wait, the receptionist/worker/people were waiting for us at the desk.  Now, I’m not sure if this is normal, or just because it was a slow day or something.  Anyway, we were immediately offered robes – which my sister Evie accepted, but I opted out of because I’m 14 and OBVIOUSLY too cool for robes, plus it was hot!  We were also offered crowns, which we were allowed to keep after the appointment.  However, the crowns were a little small, and kind of pinchy.  These were probably made for younger girls with smaller heads.

We were then brought over to the manicure station, which was really pretty cool.  The stools were designed like ice cream scoops!  We were then asked to pick lotion scents our options were chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.  Ice cream!  Evie and I both picked the strawberry lotion, the chocolate smelled weird to me, and the vanilla lotion didn’t smell like anything.  [Again, this is just my opinion, my nose might be messed up or something.]  Our hands were then wrapped in warm towels, which felt really good.  Then lotion, followed by nail polish!

Despite the wide array of Scooops nail polish for sale, there were only five or six colors to choose from for the manicures.  This seemed a little odd to me.  Why not have all the colors available for manicures and pedicures?  Evie had a little trouble choosing her color, she didn’t like any of the colors at first, but in the end was happy with the one she chose.  The stylist (is that what you call them?) who did our nails was extremely friendly, and really easy to talk to.  We talked about how we liked Great Wolf Lodge and Cedar Point.  About halfway through our appointment, Violet the Wolf came to the salon.  I think I’ve kind of outgrown characters, because this did not impress me much.  I do however think that younger girls might really enjoy seeing Violet.  I’m pretty sure that a visit from Violet comes standard with an appointment at Scooops, because the treatment we had was called “Social and Violet.”

The treatment that my sister and I received cost around $30 each.  I think that this is a little overpriced.  $60 dollars for a manicure for two people seems a little expensive.  Maybe $25 dollars each or $45 for two people would be a more appropriate price.  Overall, the experience was really great.  And our nails looked really pretty (for a couple days).  The salon was pretty cool, not too kiddy.  In the end a manicure is a manicure – and it was a nice manicure!  The only distinctly kid thing was the visit from Violet the Wolf.  Every appointment also includes a voucher for free ice cream at Bear Paw Sweets and Eats.  The worker/receptionist/people were also very quick to offer us two additional vouchers for Mom and Dad.  This was extremely generous!  The ice cream was delicious!  The vouchers said free scoop, but they gave us full waffle cones!

I would go back to Scooops Kid Spa, and I think it is a really cool experience at Great Wolf Lodge.

Disclosure – Adventures by Daddy was hosted by Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky, OH, and received two complimentary manicures at the Scooops Kid Spa.  However, all opinions expressed in this review are the author’s opinion.  For more family travel news, reviews, and trip reports, be sure to follow Adventures by Daddy on twitter and “like” our facebook page too.

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Maggie Parfitt is currently a student at Brighton High School in Rochester, NY, and is the daughter of Adventures by Daddy - Dave Parfitt