A Kid Review of Newsies, the Musical: The King of Broadway

Disney Theatrical has a number of productions currently running on and off Broadway including: The Lion King, Mary Poppins, Peter and the Starcatcher, and Newsies.  But before you plunk down your hard-earned money, did you ever wonder if your child would sit through a full-length Broadway musical?  Are you not sure if they will appreciate the grandeur and spectacle of live theater?  Well, on a recent Daddy/Daughter trip to New York City, I took my girls to see Newsies.  I thought what better way to let families know about the show than to hear the perspective of one of my girls.  So continue reading to learn what my daughter thought of her first Broadway show.

Evie and Maggie Parfitt at NYC Disney Store

(L-R) Evie and Maggie Parfitt at the Times Square Disney Store in New York City

Review by Evie Parfitt

Dad: OK, I want to talk to you girls about something…

Me: *Groooaaannn* What now?

Dad: We… are going to see Newsies on Broadway!

Me: What?

Dad: Newsies, about the newsboy strike….?

Me: Oh, was it that ancient movie we watched?

Dad: Yes…?

Me: Ohhhhh, I remember that… I think?

Newsies at Broadway's Nederlander Theater

A couple weeks ago, my Dad, my sister and I went to see the Broadway interpretation of Newsies.  We had really good seats, right front and center on the balcony, and we could see really well.  The theater was huge, and really nice.  The bathroom even had… an attendant… awkward, but still very fancy!

Newsies, the musical

Newsies, a Disney Theatrical Production under the direction of Thomas Schumacher, music by Alan Menken, lyrics by Jack Feldman, book by Harvey Fierstein, Photo by Deen can Meer © Disney Enterprises, Inc.


One word will describe it, and only that one word will relate to the greatness of the musical.  That word is, sototallyawesomeyoujustcannotdenyit!!!!!  And yes, I looked it up in my own personal dictionary, and sure enough, for the example, it said, “The musical Newsies.”  Beat that, cheap knockoff musicals, there is nothing you can do but cry in shame!  Right before the intermission, I leaned over to my dad, and whispered… “Dad, I’m a Fansie now….”

The ensemble of NEWSIES, the musical

The ensemble of NEWSIES, the musical. Photo by Deen can Meer © Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Anyway, the musical is really good!  It’s basically about a kid (Jack Kelley, played by Corey Cott), and his best friend Crutchie, (played by Andrew Keenan-Bolger); they are newspaper delivery boys, working for a man called Joseph Pulitzer, (Played by John Dosset) a very rich man determined to make as much money as possible (I call him Mr. Greedyjerkymanwhoisreallyevil).  Also, two new people join the Newsies crew, Davey (played by Ben Fankhauser), and his little brother, Les (played by Nicholas Lampaisi).

The Rally with the cast of Newsies, the musical

"The Rally" with the cast of Newsies, the musical. Photo by Deen can Meer © Disney Enterprises, Inc.


In result of wanting to make more money, Pulitzer raises the price of the papers the Newsies buy from him from 50¢ to 60¢.  The Newsies are mad that he has raised the prices, so they decide to go on strike, (Real original, right, considering another strike just ended…)  Aaaaanywaay… so the Newsies go on strike, and a blooming newspaper reporter (played by Kara Lindsay) decides to do an article on them for publicity, and the rest is history (and if you don’t know what happened, for Pete’s sake, go see it!).

Newsies, the musical

Kara Lindsay and the cast of Newsies, Photo by Deen can Meer © Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Overall, I thought Newsies was a really, really, really good musical.   My favorite part was when they sung “Seize the Day,” because it’s such a classic song, although, all the singing and dancing was phenomenal!  That song has been stuck in my head so long, I’ve been singing it so much, my friends know the words as well!   Also, the play was so totally awesome, when I bought a hat, I decided to be a Newsie for Halloween.  The play was a great feeling, like you were witnessing a part of history for the first time.  Go see it, I’m telling you!!!

Newsie, Evie Parfitt

If you’re interested in reading more about our Daddy/Daughter weekend in New York City, click here to read about our Bike and Boat tour of the Big Apple.  Evie Parfitt is currently a student at Twelve Corners Middle School in Rochester, NY, and is the daughter of Adventures by Daddy – Dave Parfitt.  For more family entertainment news, be sure to follow Adventures by Daddy on twitter and “like” our facebook page too.

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