Book Review: Kingdom Keepers VI Dark Passage

Earlier this month, Disney Publishing released Ridley Pearson’s sixth book in the popular “Kingdom Keepers” series for young readers (as well as those young-at-heart readers).  Maggie Parfitt (age 15) is an avid “Kingdom Keepers” fan, and smack in the middle of the book’s target audience.  Therefore, it only made sense for Maggie to tackle the review.  Continue reading for her opinion of “Kingdom Keepers VI – Dark Passage,” and for more from Ridley Pearson, click here for our interview with the award-winning author.


Warning, novel may cause severe lack of sleep!

I am a huge fan of the Kingdom Keepers series, and I was really excited to hear that the new book came out.  Now, in case you don’t know, Dark Passage is the sixth book in the Kingdom Keepers series, and the second to last.  I would highly suggest that you read the first five books before you read this one; because if you don’t, you might be a little confused. 🙂

The Kingdom Keepers book series is about a group of high school kids who after being turned into Disney Hologram Images (DHIs, a holographic Walt Disney World park guide) must defend the parks from the evil Overtakers, a team of Disney villains looking for their own happy ending.  They defend the parks by “crossing over” (entering the park as a DHI) as they sleep.

In the sixth book the Kingdom Keepers continue their voyage on the Panama Canal Cruise aboard the Disney Dream.  They must defend the ship from the Overtakers as they recruit Tia Dalma in an attempt to awaken Chernabog, the most evil villain Walt Disney ever created.


CHERNABOG from Walt Disney's "Fantasia" ©Disney. All rights reserved.


The details about the parks and the ship are extremely accurate.  Having been to the parks many times myself, I found myself thinking, “Oh! I know where that food stand is!”  Reading this series I was able to experience the parks in a whole new way, especially the first book about the Magic Kingdom (Kingdom Keepers I – Disney After Dark).  There is also lots of behind the scenes details that I found really interesting, such as the network of tunnels under the Magic Kingdom.  [These I knew about, but I didn’t know much detail.]  However, a vast knowledge of the parks is not required to understand the series. For example, when I read the book about Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Kingdom Keepers II – Disney at Dawn) I had no idea where anything was before I started reading the book, since I have only been to Animal Kingdom once or twice.  However, the books do a good job of introducing the area for people who might not know it, and I finished the book knowing more about Animal Kingdom than I did before!

Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World © Disney. All Rights Reserved


“Kingdom Keepers VI – Dark Passage” is full of plot twists, and is impossible to put down.  The whole series is incredibly well written, and extremely detailed.  I highly recommend the series to anyone, young or old, and I hope you go pick up a copy of the book because it is well worth it!

Thanks Maggie!  So now it’s your turn.  Have you read “Kingdom Keepers VI – Dark Passage?”  If so, what did you think of the book.  If you haven’t, do you plan to pick up the series and give it a try.  Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts.  For more family entertainment news, be sure to follow Adventures by Daddy on twitter and “like” our facebook page too.

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