Quest of the Maggie at Great Wolf Lodge Pocono Mountains

“I’m going Questing!” was the phrase heard repeatedly during our summer vacation at the Great Wolf Lodge Pocono Mountains.  Maggie, our 15 year old daughter, was particularly excited to try out MagiQuest (she had read all about it online), and loved immersing herself in this world of wizards, fairies and magic.  I noticed she wasn’t the only one swept up in the Quest.  Circles of wizards wandered the halls of the lodge throughout the day.  They flicked their wands here, pointed their wands there, and the groups developed a camaraderie after passing repeatedly on their respective Quests.  Because Maggie spent so much time playing MagiQuest at Great Wolf Lodge Pocono Mountains, she agreed to share what she thought of the game.  With that, I turn it over to Maggie.

Great Wolf Lodge Poconos MagiQuest

Post by Maggie Parfitt (age 15)

If you don’t know, Magiquest is an interactive game that can be played in Great Wolf Lodges across the country.  Basically, you purchase a wand and then you pay to activate your game (at least $15 for the wand and $15 dollars for the game).  The game involves quests and adventures.  You point your wand to activate objects around the lodge and they will interact with you – a light turns on, makes a noise, or says something.  You have to complete quests in order to unlock spells that you need to finish the adventures.  The game is really fun, very interactive, and an excellent experience.

Great Wolf Lodge Poconos MagiQuest

Watch out for the crowds though!  The fact that there are so many people detracts from the experience a little bit.  You don’t really have to figure out what to do because chances are you have already seen someone do it before your turn.  And there are always lines for the Pixie Treehouse and the Dragon’s Lair where the adventures ended.

Great Wolf Lodge Poconos MagiQuestGreat Wolf Lodge Poconos MagiQuest

That said, I loved the game, and had a lot of fun playing it.  The technology involved with MagiQuest amazes me.  I played for hours; it’s definitely a fun way to pass the time!  I recommend it for people of all ages!  There were young kids playing, there were teenagers, and there were also adults playing!  So make sure you try MagiQuest the next time you visit Great Wolf Lodge!

Editor’s Note: Immediately after returning from our trip to Great Wolf Lodge, they announced an expansion of the game.  ShadowQuest is a new interactive adventure where guests embark on a journey to save the light.  Looks like we’ll be heading back to Great Wolf Lodge Pocono Mountains in the near future.

DISCLOSURE: Our family’s stay at the Great Wolf Lodge Pocono Mountains was part of a press trip, and received complimentary room, meals and entertainment vouchers.  However, all opinions are those of the author.  For more family travel news, reviews, and trip reports, be sure to follow Adventures by Daddy on Twitter and “like” our Facebook page, too.

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