MUPPETS MOST WANTED Movie Review: Bad Frog!

Full disclosure:  I hate spoilers in reviews, so there won’t be any in this one.  MUPPETS MOST WANTED is the (seventh) sequel to THE MUPPETS, bringing the franchise into its 35thyear of movie madness.  If you ever were a fan of “The Muppets Show,” you’ll love MUPPETS MOST WANTED and if you never saw the show, you’ll still love the movie – the Muppets are great!


The Short

But first, the most anticipated Disney short since “Paperman”!  “Party Central” takes us back to Monsters University, where the frat houses are rocking.  Most of them, anyway.  Can you guess which house is quiet as a mouse?  Those creative Oozma Kappas go all out to bring the party home and Mrs. Squibbles brings the house down!  You’ll have to watch to see how.  Don’t miss a moment – the last line is hilarious!


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MUPPETS MOST WANTED picks up at the end of THE MUPPETS (released in 2011 theatrically and on DVD in 2012).  The Muppets want to capitalize on their recent success, but Kermit has reservations.  He wants to practice and rehearse, but a new talent manager, Dominic Badguy (Ricky Gervais) persuades the Muppets to go on a world tour immediately (slight spoiler – he has ulterior motives).


(Pictured) DOMINIC BADGUY (Ricky Gervais) and THE MUPPETS. Photo by: Jay Maidment. ©2013 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


There are four stories running simultaneously and the action cuts between the stories throughout the movie.  There’s the Muppets Grand World tour, the crime wave, the investigation of the crime wave, and the Gulag.  On the world tour, we see some of the grandest sites in Europe as the Muppets do their show.  Sam Eagle, CIA, and Inspector Napoleon, Interpol, are partnered to investigate the crime wave and their one-upmanship battles are amusing (even if some of the jokes are offensive and shouldn’t be encouraged).


(L-R) SAM THE EAGLE and JEAN PIERRE NAPOLEON (Ty Burrell). ©2013 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Photo by: Jay Maidment


There are some underlying themes, like friendship and offending the locals, but, mostly, MUPPETS MOST WANTED is fun.  The musical numbers are fun, but don’t worry about earworms, there aren’t any catchy enough to stick.  The skits are classic Muppets, drawing on pop culture and word play – yes, Waldorf and Statler follow the Muppets around on their world tour.


(Visible L-R) GONZO, MISS PIGGY, KERMIT THE FROG, FLOYD, WALTER and SCOOTER. Photo by: Jay Maidment. ©2014 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


The Muppets are brilliant, as always, and some of the humans stand out, too.  Ricky Gervais (Dominic Badguy) and Tina Fey (Nadya – the Gulag guard), who are partnered with Constantine and Kermit, respectively, are great matches for the Muppets.  Ty Burrell (Interpol Inspector Napoleon) is partnered with Sam Eagle, but, for me, this pairing isn’t as successful as the others.


NADYA (Tina Fey). ©2013 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Photo by: Jay Maidment


MUPPETS MOST WANTED has it all:  romance, thrills, danger, mistaken identity, mysterious criminals, singing, dancing, spoofs, parodies, and, of course, cameos (human and Muppet). It’s really just a 2-hour The Muppets Show on a much-larger stage, even down to the crazy acts and the musical numbers.  Kids of all ages will enjoy it.

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