Skywalking Through the STAR WARS REBELS: SPARK OF REBELLION L.A. Screening

If you are a fan of the original Star Wars trilogy, you will absolutely love the new animated series STAR WARS REBELS. There is no better way to kick off this sure-fire series than with a kick-off movie – STAR WARS REBELS: SPARK OF REBELLION. There are so many visual parallels and musical moments! You will find yourself rewinding the DVD, DVR or if you aren’t watching it by these means you will be very anxious to watch it again and again. Now, I want to share with you my exciting experiences from the L.A. screening of STAR WARS REBELS: SPARK OF REBELLION.

“Hello Dave,” I said to the man with the hat as he walked right by me. I had not been in the theater lobby 3 minutes when who should I see walk right by me, but STAR WARS REBELS Executive Producer, Dave Filoni! I had figured since this was L.A. I might be seeing a few STAR WARS celebrities, but not so soon! And the Exec Producer himself!  I couldn’t think of anything else to say, but like always as soon as he was out of sight I had a million things pop in my head.

Not only was Dave Filoni in attendance, but the voice actors, producers and several behind-the-scenes artists as well. If you were following #StarWarsRebels on Twitter you should have been following the fun as seen through amazing pictures, selfies and tweets. Here are a few of my favorite:

Star Wars Rebels Screening Dave Filoni

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 1.10.27 PM We all had an hour to mix and mingle before the movie started. I was at a screening with Disney employees and their families so the lobby was turned into a kid’s fun zone. There were STAR WARS REBELS Coloring pages, face-paint tattoos and balloon artists making balloon Lightsabers. I wasn’t hard to find since I was the only one with a pink blade.  Spark of Rebellion

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Instead of grabbing my free drink and popcorn, I took pictures of the life-size animated maquettes standing in the lobby. Zeb and Chopper were our favorites. Wandering around the lobby, I noticed several Lucasfilm and Skywalker Ranch T-shirts. My Force-sense started tingling, and I wondered just how many of these people actually worked on the series. I went up to one guy and said I liked his shirt. We started talking and my new iPhone 6 was a great ice-breaker. I then asked if he had worked on the series. Well, he just so happened to be the Visual Effects Supervisor, Joel Aron! Luckily, he was able to give me a few minutes of his time on the mic, and I asked him a few questions. Here is the audio from that encounter.     I’m sure scattered among the crowd were more behind-the-scenes people, I took lots of pics and live-tweeted throughout the event @SkywalkingPod. These are some of my favorites:

Before long we were ushered into the theater. This was the moment I had been waiting for since the STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS ended their 5 year run. “Come on Disney, give us something big here.” We need something to whet our appetites until we get the release of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII in 2015.   Listen to Dave Filoni’s heart-felt speech he gave right before the screening.  You can just hear his love, nostalgia, and joy to be working in this Star Wars Universe:

So, does STAR WARS: SPARK OF REBELLION deliver? Read my review of the movie here,  (Review spoiler: IT WAS SO WIZARD!!!!!)

Now I will share with you what happened after the screening. The fun didn’t stop with the movie!

Swag! We walked out of the theater and received our swag bag of a poster, and one of the STAR WARS REBELS Subway bags. I grabbed Hera! For some reason she’s hard to find. Inside the Subway bag was another, bigger bag with the whole Ghost crew, and the Imperial Inquisitor on the back. Very useful!


Monique and I left the theater very satisfied. I was almost to the parking garage when I stopped. It was almost like a felt a pull on the Force, telling me to go back. I walked back to the theater, and decided to give my audience feedback to the Disney XD videographers. During that time, the second screening had finished. Now that screening was full of the Star Wars voice actors and celebrities. I walked back into the reception area to try and get another swag bag when I noticed Steve Blum, voice of Zeb! He was talking with his guests. Well, like any good stalker I waited a few feet away for a moment to talk with him. Then someone came up to Steve Blum and said “hi, I’m Kevin Kiner and this is my son, he really wanted to meet you.” I looked at him and YES! Sure enough, the composer of STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS and STAR WARS REBELS was RIGHT THERE!! OMG, OMG!

steve Blum and Kevin Kiner

Now, let me preface this by saying I have been a film music lover all my life, with John Williams being the absolute top of my list in terms of people I look up to. Kevin Kiner, having delved so much into the music of John Williams, is just one step away from the master. I was so excited at this point I almost started shaking!

Well, I controlled myself enough to tell Kevin Kiner how much I loved what he did with the music in SPARK OF REBELLION, and his son was nice enough to take our picture. Yay!

Sarah Woloski and Kevin Kiner

Yes, that’s Steve Blum right behind me! I was unable to get a sound byte because I missed my chance to ask, but that turned out to be a good thing. Everyone turned to walk out of the theater, and I happened to walk out right next to Steve Blum! Nicest guy ever, and we struck up a short conversation. Steve Blum, and Zeb, are Skywalking Through Neverland 🙂

Be sure to check out my review of STAR WARS REBELS: SPARK OF REBELLION right here.
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