Review of Toasted or Roasted from Education Outdoors

Post and Photos by Sarah Gray

My family had the chance to try out the new game from Education Outdoors, Toasted or Roasted.  The goal of the game is to toast 3 marshmallows on your campfire.  Your opponents will try to thwart your efforts by blowing out your campfire as you try to start it; raining on your campfire; or roasting your marshmallow to a dark crisp.

Toasted or Roasted

The game comes in a large plastic bag with a resealable top that looks like a big bag of marshmallows.  Everything fits neatly inside (but rubber bands for the cards would have been handy).

The cards are beautifully illustrated with animated marshmallows in different designs.  My boys, ages 6 and 9, kept hoping to get certain cards like the “chef” toasted marshmallow.  The cards are fairly sturdy and held up to a game of “roast everything in the house” when the actual game was over.  [This newly created game involved tossing “roasted” cards on different toys and stuffed animals in the house and proclaiming, “Pooof! Roasted!”]

Toasted or Roasted

The game is easy to learn and each round only takes about 10-20 minutes to play.

It is a fun game to play and because it goes so quickly, it is easy to get caught up in “one more game.”  While the game is fun as is, my boys are also insisting on one addition to the game:  a “bear” card, which, when played, eats any marshmallows on toasting sticks. 

Of course, what better way is there to finish a few games of “Toasted or Roasted” than by eating s’mores (either at home or at the campsite).  Overall a fun game that will definitely be played again and again in our household (and most likely yours, too).

Note:  With regards to the packaging, the big bag might work better for family picnics.  I was hoping to have something more portable that could fit in a backpack for camping trips (possibly making the firewood/campfire and toasting stick/fork cards the same size as the draw cards and encasing everything in an aluminum tin).

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