NEW 4-D Interactive VOYAGE TO THE IRON REEF Unleashed at Knott’s Berry Farm

On Wednesday, May 13th, KNOTT’S BERRY FARM unveiled a brand new 4-D interactive ride, VOYAGE TO THE IRON REEF. Part Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s “Forbidden Journey”, Part Disney California Adventure’s “Toy Story Midway Mania”, the new ride is a swashbuckling, interactive adventure that takes you on a journey through the sea.

Voyage to the Iron Reef On-Ride 1

From the Press Release:

Guests will embark on a thrilling journey into the depths of the Boardwalk to fight the Kraken Queen and save the park from a watery doom on Voyage to the Iron Reef.  The spectacular new interactive 4-D ride features ten interactive scenes filled with menacing sea creatures and many hidden surprises that react to the accuracy of the freeze blasters controlled by the guests on board.  Every rider earns a score, which makes every trip to the Iron Reef a competitive, repeatable adventure.  

And indeed, the moment we exited the ride, I wanted to go on again! Let me take you through our VOYAGE TO THE IRON REEF.

The ride lives in the Boardwalk area at the very back of KNOTT’S BERRY FARM. The first floor contains the newly refurbished Arcade. But up above is where your adventure awaits.


Taking it’s queue from Steampunk, the ride design and the character’s providing “atmosphere” around VOYAGE TO THE IRON REEF have a Victorian feel.


Even Snoopy is getting into the theme!

The queue leads you up above the Arcade and underneath the lovely blue awning. Don’t forget your 3-D glasses.


Your ride vehicle is much like the Haunted Mansion’s Doom Buggy or Toy Story’s Midway Mania. It even has blasters which you will soon need.



From here, you are immersed in a 4-D adventure where you must fight the Kraken Queen and her iron clad aquatic army. You aim and fire much like Toy Story Midway Mania. Knott’s and Triotech (a multi sensory interactive attraction company) developed a ride system with seamless transitions from the 3-D screens to practical sets and back again. (This is very much like Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s “Forbidden Journey.”)

We Live-Streamed our ride using Meerkat. Here is the entire VOYAGE OF THE IRON REEF Ride-Through starting at 23:06 –

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Because of the nature of streaming video, it’s meant to be viewed on your phone vertically so you can comment and read other comments.

We really loved VOYAGE TO THE IRON REEF! It was a long ride, very interactive, and once complete, we immediately wanted to ride again.

Now for the up-sell. Look! You can buy your picture!


True to theme park form, the ride dumps you out in the gift shop, where there are a number of fun ride merchandise items you can buy, as well as some really nice Steampunk-inspired top hats, goggles, coats and scarves.





We walked outside the Gift Shop and who should we run into? Legendary Ride Designer and Disney Legend himself, Mr. Bob Gurr! He was looking dapper in a red coat, and gave his stamp of approval on VOYAGE TO THE IRON REEF. If Bob Gurr thinks it’s good, who are we to disagree? Plan your trip to KNOTT’S BERRY FARM and ride VOYAGE TO THE IRON REEF today!


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