Disney’s ALADDIN Digital HD Giveaway
October 9, 2015 Entertainment

In 1992, ALADDIN was Disney’s 31st full-length animated feature and only the sixth classic fairy tale ever to be adapted by the studio.  The idea of adapting the Aladdin story as a Disney animated musical was first proposed by Howard Ashman in 1988 at the time that he and Alan Menken were still working on The Little Mermaid and before work had begun on Beauty and the Beast.  Now, Disney’s ALADDIN gets the Diamond Edition treatment for the first time on Blu-ray and Digital HD.  We’ve partnered with Walt Disney Home Entertainment to giveaway two Digital HD copies of the film.

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Open to US residents only. Must be 18 years of age or older to participate.


Disney’s ALADDIN © Disney

Blu-ray & Digital Bonus Features

  • The Genie Outtakes – Robin Williams’ Genie outtakes are magically brought to life.
  • Genie 101 – Our host, Scott Weinger (the voice of Aladdin), takes us through the various transformattions of the famous (and formerly famous) celebrity references of the Genie.
  • Ron & John: You Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me – Directors John Musker & Ron Clements sit down and discuss the experiences of their long-running partnership together at Disney.
  • Aladdin: Creating Broadway Magic – Join host Darren Criss as we take “a new fantastic point of view” at the story of how Aladdin went from a classic Disney animated film to become Broadway’s smash hit with Composer Alan Menken and others.

Disney's ALADDIN on Broadway

  • Unboxing Aladdin – Our host, Joey Bragg from Disney Channel’s Liv & Maddy, explore the Easter eggs and hidden secrets of Aladdin in this unboxing video.
  • Classic Bonus – ALL classic bonus from the original DVD release

DMA Exclusive Bonus Feature

  • Deleted Song – “My Finest Hour” – Jafar takes the stage in this never-before-seen deleted song. Includes intro from Ron & John. (DMA exclusive)

Disney’s ALADDIN © Disney


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  1. My favorite song is “Friend Like Me”.

  2. My favorite song is A Whole New World.

  3. A Whole New World is my favorite!

  4. It’s gotta be a whole new world

  5. Friend like me 🙂

  6. I love Prince Ali

  7. My favorite song from Aladdin is A Whole New World.

  8. I like “A Whole New World”.

  9. Patricia Delgado

    My favorite is a Whole new world!

  10. A Whole New World

  11. My favorite is Arabian Nights!

  12. A Friend Like Me – Robin does an awesome job with this.

  13. So many memorable songs in Aladdin, but A Whole New World is on another level.

  14. My granddaughter’s favorite son is Prince Ali.

  15. I love the “Prince Ali” song! The animation that goes with it is perfect!

  16. My favorite song is Friend like me.

  17. I love a whole new world!!

  18. My two favorites are A Whole New World and One Jump Ahead Of the BreadLine. For some reason, that song is always stuck in my head! LOL. Thanks for the chance to win. Julie

  19. One jump ahead of the breadline song!

  20. Patricia Wojnar Crowley

    A Whole New World is my favorite!

  21. My favorite song from Aladdin is “A Whole New World.”

  22. My fave is ‘Prince Ali’, but my daughter is yelling at me to write ‘A Whole New World’, her fave!

  23. Aladdin is my favorite movie and my favorite song is “A Whole New World!”

  24. The song A Whole New World is my favorite

  25. I would go with a whole new world or jafar’s hour

  26. A Whole New World is my favorite!

  27. A Whole New World!!

  28. A Whole New World is my favorite!

  29. Crystal Thornton Illar

    A Whole New World

  30. My favorite song would definitely be A Whole New World.

  31. My favorite Aladdin song is Prince Ali.

  32. Heather Hayes Panjon

    A Whole New World Is My Favorite!

  33. My favorite song from Aladdin is A Whole New World. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win.

  34. A whole New World is my favorite!

  35. I love the Friend Like Me song

  36. My favorite song is A Whole New World.

  37. I love the song A Whole New World. So pretty.

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