Six Flags Fright Fest at Magic Mountain Thrills and Chills for 2015


Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest is probably the most underrated haunt event in Southern California. After all, Magic Mountain is known as an amusement park with killer roller coasters and not so much killer theming, right? How could they put on a well-themed haunt event where theming is everything?

Well the fact is this… Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest breaks all those stereotypes and is one of the best hidden gems for Halloween fun.


It’s not perfect, but it holds its own going up against tough SoCal competition. And you simply can’t beat the price. With most theme park haunts, admission is a separate ticketed event. But Fright Fest is included as part of general admission with a small additional price to visit the mazes. Even if you choose to opt-out on the mazes, there is still plenty of scare zones, shows and other entertainment throughout the park to fill your evening. And let’s be honest, it’s the scare zones and their roaming monsters that make Fright Fest stand out.


I have always admired the great quality make up jobs that go into the Fright Fest monsters. There are no mask wearing monsters. These actors go into full make up every night with prosthetics on almost everyone. The monster makeup is simply outstanding, and it’s no accident. Scott Ramp from The Scream Factory runs the entire make-up effects for Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest. He has been terrifying haunt guests with his creations for over 20 years! We have a short interview with Scott Ramp on the latest episode of The DisGeek Podcast Episode 108.

Scare Zones

If we were to nitpick things some of the Scare Zones are too dark, and you simply can’t see some of the awesome details in the theming and make up. But for the most part the Scare Zones are fun and exciting. There was only one scare zone that we hit late in the evening where you could tell the monsters were nearing the end of their shift and they were pretty “dead.”


In addition to the Scare Zones there are several other options for entertainment. New this year is Unleashed, a fun stage show full of acrobats and dancers that will delight audiences of any age. Voodoo Nights is an outdoor dance party with zombie dj’s, drummers, dancers, and live band. Voodoo Nights is a party that goes on all night long and is a ton of fun. And of course, there is a hypnotist show that a great place to see some good entertainment and rest your feet.


Unfortunately there are no new mazes this year. But the mazes still stand up well to this year’s haunt season. The mazes includes Vault 666, The Aftermath, Willoughby’s Resurrected, Toyz of Terror 3D, Chupacabra, and Willoughby’s Garden of Darkness.

You can take a look at our article last year to see the descriptions of these mazes.

Vault 666, The Aftermath, and Willoughby’s Resurrected are very strong while the others are rather average. But if you are not and experienced “haunter” then these will still scare you and are tons of fun to experience. However Willoughby’s Garden of Darkness leaves a lot to be desired. Not scary and really boring.

During our media walkthrough, Six Flags disclosed that one of their long running mazes will be going away after this halloween season, but offered no other details. They left us to guess which one it would be. We are hoping it’s Willoughby’s Garden of Darkness. It’s easily the worst of the mazes and offers such a sharp contrast between Scott Ramps amazing work outside and barely anything going on inside.


Despite a few weak links in the chain, Fright Fest is a really fun time. Since it is not a separate admission you can scream all day on the roller coasters, including the all new Twisted Colossus and then scream all night at Fright Fest. With all of the other haunt attractions in Southern California, it could be pretty easy to dismiss Fright Fest because….. well, it’s Six Flags. But then you would be doing yourself a disservice as Fright Fest is a very fun and affordable Halloween event.

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