Ninjago LEGOLAND California
Ninjago The Ride Opens at Ninjago World in LEGOLAND California on May 5, 2016
April 30, 2016 California

Opening May 5, 2016 is the brand new Ninjago World in LEGOLAND California.  We were granted a sneak peak last week to this new addition and while there were some fun details to be found, the highly-touted Ninjago The Ride was rather hard to control.

The ceremony featured special performance by the Tiko Drummers and “Sideswipe” Ninjas as seen on America’s Got Talent. It was a fantastic spectacular with special effects and amazing choreography.  The main attraction, though, was the brand new Ninjago The Ride.  In this ride, guests harness the power of four elements and use teamwork to battle the Great Devourer.  The ride enables guests to demonstrate their ninja skills without the use of a hand held device and instead, they simply use their hand gestures.

Ninjago LEGOLAND California

“Sideswipe” Ninjas

Ninjago LEGOLAND California

Tiko Drummers

We were warned up front that the ride takes some ninja training and that fact can not be overstated enough.  The technology used for this ride is definitely a big step as this is the first ride of its kind using this sensor technology in the USA.  Now, I love these types of interactive shooting rides.  The new Ninjago The Ride’s motion sensor technology, however, left me very frustrated.  I couldn’t really control the direction of my shots, and I was exhausted by the end waving my hands back and forth for the 3 ½ minute ride.

Ninjago LEGOLAND California

Inside Ninjago The Ride at Legoland California. Photo by Sandy Huffaker, courtesy Legoland


The actual ride itself was similar to the Voyage to the Iron Reef ride at Knott’s Berry Farm (which I love), but I would have preferred more training before the ride.  I didn’t feel that I really grasped the exact way to use my hands.  My wife and everyone we spoke with agreed that there should be much more training before playing this game.  You need to know exactly how high above the sensor to hold your hand, how fast to move your hand, how far to move your hand back and forth, etc.  It was the same sensation I have when I play Super Smash Bros. with my oldest daughter.  I’m just smashing buttons and hoping I hit something.  That’s basically the same here – you’re just waving your hands in different directions hoping to hit something on the screen.  I rode a couple times and I didn’t feel I grasped it any better the second time.

Ninjago LEGOLAND California

Inside Ninjago The Ride


While I think younger kids and teenagers will absolutely love this technology and the fun 4D effects of the ride, adults may find themselves as frustrated as me.  My wife and I love to compete on rides like this, but neither of us felt very good about our scores.  One huge benefit is that there is not a height limit so I was able to bring my 20 month old on the ride.  A vast majority of the rides at LEGOLAND California have a height limit of 34” or higher so this was a huge bonus for us.

Ninjago LEGOLAND California

Outside of the ride you had the following new areas designed for smaller children which can best be described as a ninja playground.

  • ZANE’S TEMPLE BUILD: Guests can tap into their inner imagination and create LEGO models inspired by NINJAGO.

Ninjago LEGOLAND California

  • JAY’S LIGHTING DRILL:  Are you lighting quick?  Guests can test their speed by pushing the lit up buttons in the speed cage.
  • KAI’S SPINNERS: Guests can test their balance as they stand on one of Kai’s spinning platforms and twirl!
  • COLE’S ROCK CLIMB: Grab a hold!  Kids can test their agility as they scale a rock wall.

Ninjago LEGOLAND California

Overall, this is a fun, albeit small addition to LEGOLAND California.  The passionate fans of Ninjago will be in Heaven in this new area surrounded by their four favorite ninjas and of course, Master Wu.

Ninjago LEGOLAND California

DISCLOSURE:  LEGOLAND California provided complimentary admission during this special media preview of Ninjago The Ride.  However, all opinions expressed are those of the author.  For more family travel news, reviews, and trip reports, be sure to follow Adventures by Daddy on twitter and “like” our facebook page too.

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  1. Naruwan Taiko

    Thank you for the post and thank you for attending! We had an amazing time playing the taiko drums at this event and we hope you enjoyed it!

  2. My whole family ages 60-5 got to ride the Ninjago ride. All of us were able to ride a few days before it opened and after. And every single one of us was left frustrated. While the graphics are amazing the sensor is just not user friendly. And frankly either was the staff for this ride any of these days. Which was strange because every other ride and workers in the park were extremely friendly. I think this ride has great possibilities but needs some major tweaking. As well as the staff needs a little extra training. On explaining how todo everything and how to say be polite to guests.

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