VIDEO Ride in a Minnie Van – New Uber Type Service at Walt Disney World

The new Minnie Van service is currently being tested for use from Disney’s Boardwalk Resort and Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts at Walt Disney World. It is expected to roll out everywhere very soon. Come along and take a video-ride with me and some crazy friends in the MINNIE VAN from the Boardwalk to the Magic Kingdom!

Like an Uber-type service, it utilizes cute, whimsical polka dotted Minnie Vans to take you and up to 6 guests anywhere on Walt Disney World property for $20. Guests can order their own private Minnie Van right from their smartphone and a Disney Cast Member will drive them.

Why would you use this as opposed to Uber which may be less expensive?  There are some advantages.  First, these Minnie Vans utlize official Disney Cast Members as opposed to a stranger driving the Uber.  Well, I guess the Disney Cast Member is a stranger too, but, you know what I mean.

Second, let’s say you ride to the Magic Kingdom. Uber would drop you off at the Ticket and Transportation Center whereas Minnie Vans go right with the buses to a close stop right at the Magic Kingdom front gate. This, to me, is already worth the $20. Third, in contrast to other ride-share services, tipping is not allowed.  The Disney Cast Member will not take any additional gratuities.  Finally, the front passenger seat has a seat cooler!  Let’s just say I was smiling cause ya’ know – Florida Summers!

Disney Minnie Van

Disney Minnie Van service at Walt Disney World, photo by David Roark courtesy Walt Disney World Resort.

Again, the Disney Minnie Van service is currently for resort guests only right now at Disney’s Boardwalk and Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts but should be available to all resort guests soon. So what do you think? Would you ever utilize a Minnie Van at Walt Disney World? For more family travel news, reviews, and trip reports, be sure to follow Adventures by Daddy on InstagramTwitter and “like” our Facebook page, too.

About John Saccheri

John Saccheri has been rooted in the Disney culture from childhood. John only had the opportunity to visit Walt Disney World once, at the age of 5. After returning home, he never stopped talking about it, yearning to return. His parents were worried about this “obsession,” but John began working at the age of 12 with a focus on saving up for the next Disney trip. He was able to visit Disney World at least once a year from 14 years old onward. Today, a successful entrepreneur, John was able to move from his hometown of Long Island, New York, to Central Florida to be close to the Mouse. Going to the parks still seems like a fantasy to him!