Review: Fright Fest 2017 at Six Flags Magic Mountain


Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain is home to some of the best scare zones in Southern California and this year didn’t disappoint. But having gone to Fright Fest for the last few years the majority of the offerings, while very good, are essentially the same as previous years.



In fact, I can just point you to last year’s review that will go into a little more in depth with photos and video.

With that being said in this review, I will just focus on what’s new. Besides, we only stayed for all of the new offerings and skipped almost everything we had seen in the past.

First up, the new scare zone, “Damned ‘N Disguised.” This all-new scare zone is located in Metropolis right outside of the new Justice League: Battle for Metropolis attraction. The monsters are having a party and they are all wearing masquerade masks. They are ballroom dancing with each other and having a great time, but then, something happens, the music starts to play Gun’s n’ Roses, Welcome to the Jungle, the monsters then rip off their masks revealing their horrible faces, and they start running around the area, terrifying the guests! The lighting is really well done, the monsters do a great job of spooking people, the music is fun, and of course the scare actors makeup is simply the best in the business. All in all a really cool scare zone.








One of the older mazes that is a favorite is Aftermath 2.


A new maze this year is, “Dead End”. The idea behind this maze is that you go through it in complete darkness. In my opinion, this is an idea that probably sounds better on paper than in reality. There is a storyline in there somewhere standing in line and walking through it, I didn’t catch what it was. But it really doesn’t matter because, in the end, this was a real letdown. The staff was really disorganized trying to figure how many people to let in a group. One line, the Express Maze line, and the other line, the normal line. I’ll give the staff a break since it was opening night and over the next few days, they will get the hang of it.

But even if the staff was perfect, and the line flowed perfectly, there is still nothing to this maze. We were in a group and we somehow got separated from them. So there we were, just bumping into the walls as we moved along. There were a few areas of brightness where the monsters jumped out at us. I was more cornered with walking face first into a wall than the monsters. At one point, we somehow ended up backstage and WE scared the monster! After we laughed about that the monster pointed us in the right direction. And then it was over. Nothing to it. Is this a new trend in haunts? I don’t know, but this did nothing for my wife and I and it just felt lazy. The line for this was really long (because it’s new) and I just felt bad for the people still waiting. I would be shocked if this came back next year.

Also new is Club Six Feet Under and Ghoulish Grub at the Pub. Located at the new Metro area in Metropolis, with a DJ, wandering monsters, and great food.




Finally, another new offering is the Hidden Haunts VIP Tour which we didn’t partake in.

If you have never been to Six Flags Fright Fest, then make the trek out to Valencia and do it. It’s really great, really affordable, and tons of fun. The Scare Zones like Demons Door and Twisted Fantasy and Mazes like Aftermath 2 and Vault 666 are top notch.

I put together a little video of some of the highlights that we saw at this year’s Fright Fest. It includes a little bit of the opening parade, Damned N, Disguised, and Aftermath 2.

Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest runs on select dates, mostly weekends through Oct 30th.

For more information and tickets visit Magic’s Mountains Official Web Site.


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