Universal Orlando’s Fast & Furious SUPERCHARGED Review – Another Cloned Attraction

Universal Orlando’s Fast & Furious Supercharged attraction is now open at Universal Studios Florida, and I was among one of the first to ride this new experience. Overall, the attraction itself was interesting and an exact clone of the Fast & Furious Supercharged addition to the Backlot Tram Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood that opened in 2015. However, the queue and pre-shows for Universal Orlando’s Fast & Furious Supercharged are original to Florida and look incredible!  Continue reading for more details on Universal Orlando’s Fast & Furious Supercharged including full VIDEO walk-through of the queue and pre-show entertainment.

Universal Orlando's Fast & Furious Supercharged

You begin your journey by entering a warehouse in San Francisco where you’ll notice the team of Fast & Furious has set up shop as a hideout. They explain that you are on your way to a party and want to make sure that the villain Shaw doesn’t discover their hideout and the “witness” that is being kept amongst the group. Overall, the story makes some sense to me even though I have not seen a single movie in the franchise.

Once out of the queue itself, guests enter two unique pre-show rooms featuring live actors. The first pre-show room we came in late and did not understand what had happened or why we were heading into the next pre-show to complete the story. The level of detail here is pretty cool and inside the pre-show rooms and queue, guests can find little easter eggs to many things including Universal’s past. For example, you may see a jacket from the former Disaster Studios attraction which sat on the site of Fast & Furious, or maybe an OUTTATIME license plate from Back to the Future.  Featured below is a video I made during our walkthrough of the attraction right when it previewed to guests.

The ride itself uses the same vehicles as Skull Island: Reign of Kong at Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park.  However, in my opinion, the vehicles seem a little smaller and tighter than that of Kong. Once you board your “party bus,” you take off. Using projections on the walls, the bus seems to be traveling fast down an indoor tunnel whereas you aren’t moving at all. This was a very cool effect that I liked more than the actual climax moment of the ride. After this, you enter another warehouse seeing more cars and practical details, which leads you to the party that the family is holding.

This party scene begins exactly where Universal Studios Hollywood’s version take place. The issue I have is that it is an exact clone and the actors never re-recorded the visuals like they did for the pre shows. So, unfortunately it seems we went back in time since Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson doesn’t have a full beard. After this scene (which I will say is pretty cool using projection mapping onto real practical sets), your “party bus” takes a turn into what I call the 360 portion. This screen wraps around the entire room creating a 360 degree view for guests similar to that of Reign of Kong. The visual itself looks tacky and cheap. Guests can tell it was all done on green screen and, in my opinion, does not look realistic. My other complaint with this portion is that they have a smoke effect to simulate vehicles crashing and they decide to blow this directly into people’s faces.

Universal Orlando's Fast & Furious Supercharged

The ride portion itself is unique too, since it is one of the first Universal attractions in a long time to not feature 3D. I did like that, however many I have talked to agree that perhaps with 3D, maybe the 360 portion of the ride might look more realistic. In conclusion, the ride itself left me underwhelmed whereas the queue and pre-shows left me amazed and feeling satisfied. Will I ride this for years to come? Absolutely not. This ride, in my opinion, is not a must do. Universal needs to stop cloning attractions between parks and focus on new cutting edge technology and stories. Hopefully we will see this with the new Harry Potter coaster next year, the new replacement for Terminator 2 3D next year, and the eventual addition of Nintendo to the theme parks.

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