7 Activities to Give You a Real Jump this Halloween in New York State

Halloween in New York State is ablaze with activities. The state that contains the hamlet of Sleepy Hollow knows how to celebrate Halloween.  Tarrytown, NY (the site of Sleepy Hollow) creates the biggest, baddest, Jack O’Lantern display where carved pumpkins are combined to make life-sized dinosaurs, slinking sea serpents, and, of course, the Headless Horseman. Continue reading for more Halloween in New York State activities in addition to Tarrytown’s Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze.

Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze

From New York State’s Press Release

Need help getting into the spirit of All Hallows Eve? Do you want to experience the feeling of the hair standing up on the back of your neck? New York State is the Home of Halloween, filled with legitimately creepy paranormal activity for those who prefer their travel buddies to lack a pulse. Check out these seven chilling experiences from New York’s Haunted History Trail to give you a real jump on this Halloween season across state.

Stay overnight at the Haunted Hinsdale House

Explore the Haunted Hinsdale House in the dark of night when the apparitions come out to play. Make sure to pack a flashlight and sleeping bag (or air mattress if you wish) when you join Para Expeditions as they attempt to contact the other side and search the house for its hiding residents.

Ghost-hunting in an asylum

Rolling Hills Asylum is widely documented to be bursting with paranormal activity, particularly from the abandoned inhabitants that died of disease, poverty and mental illness and were left to be forgotten in this institution. You have four hours to search for evidence of the spirits that stayed behind and who knows, you may even make friends with some friendly ghosts.

Halloween in New York State - Rolling Hills Asylum

Image courtesy Rolling Hills Asylum

An old jail with a vengeful spirit

“Haunted Jail/Cellblock Terror and Blood Curdling Barn” may be a Halloween attraction at the Museum of Wayne County History’s Old Jail, but the fact is William Fee was the only man hung in all of Wayne County for the murder of an unknown woman and was locked within those walls before his death. Look around and see if William Fee is still lurking in the shadows.

Relive the Murder at Cherry Hill

On May 7, 1827, a notorious murder occurred at Cherry Hill that resulted in Albany’s last hanging. For a mix of history and thrill, meet all the parties involved, walk in the footsteps of the murderer and relive the chilling night of the murder for yourself!

Make it out of the corn maze alive!

Find out what comes out at night in the Schuyler Farms Haunted Corn Maze. As you enter the field and find your way through every twist and turn, demons and ghouls appear at every bend and masked men with chainsaws spring up behind you! Try not to get lost in the maze, or be ready to run for your life!

A Castle filled with mystic guests

They say owner Toni Wing once took an axe to a goat-headed artifact embedded in the castle wall and that the place is filled with all kinds of antique memorabilia – each with a story to tell. There is strange paranormal activity in the Wing’s Castle; take a tour or stay overnight to see who, or what, lurks the halls.

Halloween in New York State - Wings Castle

Wings Castle Photo by Steve Shoemaker Amityphotos.com

Dining in the afterlife

Grab a bite at the restaurant Silvio’s Villa, whose structure was built in the late 1700’s and was most notably the Vail family home for several years. The story goes that after a sister in the family was found murdered, rumors surfaced her death was caused by her brother, Roy Vail. Though no one was ever charged, a decade after the murder, Roy walked into the room where Table 24 now sits and took his own life.

Plan your visit, if you dare, to all of the exciting events happening this Halloween around New York State. You can also get spooky year-round by experiencing New York’s Haunted History Tour of 65 haunted sites in every corner of the state. Visit www.hauntedhistorytrail.com of New York State for more information.

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