New LEGO Chima Water Park Addition Coming to LEGOLAND California

The LEGOLAND California theme park in Carlsbad, CA announced a new addition to the resort for 2014.  Their LEGOLAND Water Park will expand with a LEGO Legends of Chima Water Park.  LEGOLAND Florida added a World of Chima land with splash battle water ride to its theme park earlier this year.  The two California water parks will each have their own distinct theme creating a different experience for guests to enjoy.

Update April 4, 2014

LEGOLAND® California Resort LEGO® Legends of Chima Water Park

Who says moving mountains isn’t possible?  LEGOLAND California Resort took on that challenge by bringing one of the largest features of the new LEGO Legends of Chima Water Park presented by Cartoon Network to Carlsbad from Lake Elsinore.  The 40-foot tall “floating” Mt. Cavora will be featured in the new interactive Lion Temple Wave Pool, one of the new areas in the Chima Water Park opening May 24, 2014.

This icon from the LEGO Group’s newest hit product “Legends of Chima,” was created for the Resort by Storyland Studios in Lake Elsinore, CA and took a team of 20 builders more than four months to design and construct. A caravan of workers traveled in the early hours of the night moving power lines and other obstacles to ensure a safe journey for the colossal Water Park feature that was installed with the use of a heavy loading crane. The floating mountain, known for providing the great energy source “CHI” to the eight animal tribes, is 23-feet tall, 13-feet wide and weighs more than 11,000 pounds. Mt. Cavora can be seen from anywhere inside the Water Park as it “floats” 40-feet above the wave pool releasing 400 gallons of water every minute for guests to splash about and enjoy.  An animal from each tribe is represented on Mt. Cavora: a lion, an eagle, a crocodile, a gorilla, a bear, a rhinoceros, a wolf and a raven.

LEGOLAND® California Resort LEGO® Legends of Chima Water Park  (5)

LEGOLAND® California Resort is Moving Mountains in Order to Open New LEGO® Legends of Chima Water Park on Memorial Day Weekend!


In other news, more areas of the new LEGO Legends of Chima Water Park have been revealed.  Explorers Forest – In this lush and tropical forest, guests will be greeted by Gorzan the Gorilla in his 15-foot tall mech suit.  Rhino Beach – This sand filled oasis offers guests a place to get some shade, lounge and rest.  Speedorz Arena – This interactive play area lets guests race their Speedorz through unique obstacles.  Forever Rock – Featured just outside Cragger’s Swamp, the iconic rock contains a smaller rock acting as chalk board for kids to tally their achievements just as Cragger and Laval did.  For those that want to kick back and stay awhile, 15 new cabanas surround the area for rent.

Original post from September 15, 2013 follows below…

LEGOLAND California Chima Water Park

LEGOLAND California Chima water park announcement. ©2013 The LEGO Group


From LEGOLAND California’s Press Release

Coming off a successful year with the launch of the nation’s first LEGOLAND Hotel, LEGOLAND California Resort General Manager Peter Ronchetti proudly announced another big addition for guests to enjoy next year: LEGO Legends of Chima Water Park

The LEGO Legends of Chima Water Park is based on the LEGO Group’s newest hit product “Legends of Chima”, where animal tribes battle in a mystical land for control of the precious energy source called “CHI.”  Plunging a shovel into the sand to break ground in the new area, Ronchetti discovered a treasure box full of CHI and with the help of lifeguards and Laval, the warrior prince of the Lion tribe, he announced LEGO Legends of Chima Water Park is opening in summer 2014.

LEGOLAND California Chima water park

LEGOLAND California Chima water park announcement. ©2013 The LEGO Group


“2014 is a big investment year for us.  A great corner stone to the Resort’s success is listening to our guests and striving to increase the value of their experience,” said General Manager Peter Ronchetti.  “We are excited to build an entirely new Water Park based on the LEGO Chima product line immersing children and their families into an interactive world of play!”

LEGOLAND California Chima water park

LEGOLAND California Chima water park announcement. ©2013 The LEGO Group


Four of eight main areas of the 3 acre Water Park were introduced today: Lion Temple Wave Pool – The centerpiece of the new Water Park where guests make their way through a LEGO archway and into an interactive wave pool designed for families with young children.  Water cascades down an iconic 30-foot tall floating “Mount Cavora” which shows the eight animals representing each animal tribe.  Cragger’s Swamp  – This hands-on water play area invites guests to ride water slides, blast water cannons and jets and slide through the head of a massive crocodile.   Eglor’s Build-A-Boat – Following in the unique interactive play experience introduced with Build-A-Raft River at LEGOLAND Water Park, Eglor’s Build-A-Boat gives children the opportunity to use their creativity and bring their imaginations to life.  Young guests can build their own boat and learn how to change the currents, build and dodge obstacles and race against their friends.  Wolves’ Cantina – This is the place to grab a bite when guests get hungry.  Enjoy tasty food surrounded by collectibles gathered by the clever wolf tribe.

LEGOLAND California Chima water park

LEGOLAND California Chima water park announcement. ©2013 The LEGO Group


“LEGOLAND California opened its gates in 1999, expanded with SEA LIFE Aquarium in 2008, we opened the world’s first LEGO themed Water Park in 2010 and the nation’s first LEGOLAND Hotel this year.  It only seems fitting that we give our guests another ‘present’ and reason to keep coming back in our fifteenth year!” Ronchetti stated.  LEGO Legends of Chima Water Park is included in the cost of admission to LEGOLAND Water Park.

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