DVD Review – Disney Junior’s “Sofia the First: Ready to be a Princess”

Disney Junior’s Sofia the First is a princess-in-training who became royalty overnight.  Set in the world of Enchancia, Sofia needs to learn how to adjust to royal life after her mom marries the king.  Sofia the First has quickly become a Disney hit with lovable characters voiced by Ariel Winter (ABC TV’s “Modern Family”) as Sofia, Sara Ramirez (ABC TVs “Grey’s Anatomy”) as Queen Miranda, Wayne Brady (TV’s “Let’s Make A Deal”) as Clover and Tim Gunn (TV’s “Project Runway”) as Baileywick.  Continue reading for printable activity sheets and a kid’s perspective on the DVD “Sofia the First: Ready to be a Princess” available September 17, 2013.

Sofia The First Ready To Be A Princess DVD

Review Submitted by Maggie Parfitt

“Sofia the First: Ready to be a Princess” DVD, is coming out soon!  It includes 5 episodes of the show, one of which has Princess Jasmine!

OK, I’m 15 and I really do like this show, I watch it when it’s on TV, but I got to say, the voices of the “famous” princesses really bother me.  They are absolutely nothing like the voices in the movies!  I mean it’s Disney!  They could get the actual actresses!  Sorry for the rant, now back to the review.

The DVD doesn’t come with any extra features, it only has the episodes, but it does come with a paper wardrobe and Sofia doll that you put together.  (Parents, you might want to put the wardrobe together for you children, I ripped it, so little children might have a bigger problem with it.)  It also comes with reusable plastic dresses for the doll.  I think this activity would be really fun for little girls.  The DVD is $15 which I think is reasonably priced, with 5 episodes that’s $3 for each episode, plus the paper doll.  Overall, I think that this would be a good thing to get for little girls, especially for car trips.

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