ADVENTURE TIME: The Complete Third Season DVD Review – Conquest of Cuteness

Adventure Time, the pop culture phenom from Cartoon Network released the complete third season on Blu-ray & DVD on February 25th, offering a handful of extras and a whole lot of cute.  The aptly named title of the third season’s first episode, “Conquest of Cute” says it all.  I mean, just look at this adorable BMO die-cut slipcase.  It’ll surely have you saying, “Oh my glob, you guys.”  It even comes with arms & legs so you can bring BMO to life!  Continue reading for our review of Adventure Time: The Complete Third Season, available now.

Adventure Time Season Three DVD Review 2
If you’re not already familiar with Adventure Time it may seem a bit whack-a-doodle from afar, but once you step inside the Land of Ooo, you’re likely to say ‘ahhh‘.   Currently in its fifth season on Cartoon Network, the depth of the backstories behind each character is nearly as elaborate and intertwined as the houses within the realms of Game of Thrones.  The themes are refreshingly grown-up, witty and endearing, making it completely relevant to fans of all ages.  It’s so much more than just a cartoon about a boy (Finn) and his shape-shifting dog (Jake).  Here’s a quick clip from the aforementioned, “Conquest of Cuteness” episode for your viewing pleasure.

Season 3 ran from summer 2011 through winter 2012, and includes some of the show’s most notable episodes, such as: “Fiona and Cake”, “The Creeps”, and “Holly Jolly Secrets”.  NPH, ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, and Keith David are among this season’s guest stars.


The animation here is simple, featuring a silhouette of Finn’s signature beanie with a backdrop of a dreamy orange and pink sky.  The lovely song from the show’s end credits, “Adventure Time Ending Theme” plays on a loop.

Adventure Time Season Three DVD Review 1


There are 26 episodes, each with a run time of a short-but-sweet 11 minutes.  You have the option to either go for a marathon session and “Play All”, or select your favorites to watch one at a time.  Additionally, every episode has an optional commentary featuring various producers and writers of the show.  While the commentaries may provide some interesting tidbits here & there, they’re peppered between inside jokes and the sounds of someone having way too much fun with the reverberation effect on their recording system.  This feature is definitely just for the die hard fans.

  1. “Conquest of Cuteness”
  2. “Morituri Te Salutamus”
  3. “Memory of a Memory”
  4. “Hitman”
  5. “Too Young”
  6. “The Monster”
  7. “Still”
  8. “Wizard Battle”
  9. “Fionna and Cake”
  10. “What Was Missing”
  11. “Apple Thief”
  12. “The Creeps”
  13. “From Bad to Worse”
  14. “Beautopia”
  15. “No One Can Hear You”
  16. “Jake vs. Me-Mow”
  17. “Thank You”
  18. “The New Frontier”
  19. “Holly Jolly Secrets” Part 1
  20. “Holly Jolly Secrets” Part 2
  21. “Marceline’s Closet”
  22. “Paper Pete”
  23. “Another Way”
  24. “Ghost Princess”
  25. “Dad’s Dungeon”
  26. “Incendium”

Adventure Time Season 3


  • Alternate Adventure Time Intro by Screen Novelties: I just have three words – Stop. Motion. LEGOS.  While quick, this is a must-see.
  • How an Idea Becomes Adventure Time: This is a short interview with Pendleton Ward (Creator), Kent Osborne (Head of Story),  and Adam Muto (Storyboard Artist, Supervising Producer).  They discuss the show’s growing popularity, noting that the best compliment they receive is from parents who thank them for making a show that they can and want to watch with their kids.  They also talk about how they come up with ideas for characters & story lines, and where they draw inspiration from.  I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say there are some Star Trek: The Next Generation ties mentioned.

Whether you’re starting or adding to your collection, I highly recommend picking up the third season of Adventure Time.  While the bonus features may be slightly lackluster overall, most animated series only ever sell volumes or collections of random episodes, rarely offering a comprehensive and chronological release like this making it a must-have.  I’m already looking forward to the releases for seasons 4, 5, and beyond.

Adventure Time Season Three DVD Review 3

Are you a fan of Adventure Time? Who is your favorite character?  I have a soft spot for LSP, myself…and Jake…Ice King.  Oh, and Gunter, too.  It’s, like, so obvi that I can’t choose just one (I know my fellow AT fans will catch what I’m throwing with that one).  For more family Blu-ray & DVD news, be sure to follow Adventures by Daddy on twitter and “like” our facebook page too.

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