FROZEN Blu-ray Review – Available March 18, 2014

FROZEN, Disney’s 53rd animated feature, based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen” has made over one billion dollars world-wide, so far, and is set to make even more with the March 18th release of the movie for home (or anywhere) viewing on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD.  Click here for my review of the film.  This review will be of the Blu-ray disc only – the DVD may not include all of the features included on the Blu-ray disc.

2-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy) & 1-Disc DVD


The menu background is a series of snowflakes with clips of each of the main characters in the center – a different snowflake for each character – and the music is an orchestral version of “For the First Time in Forever.”

"FROZEN" Arendelle Castle

“FROZEN” Arendelle Castle. ©2013 Disney. All Rights Reserved.


The set-up begins as soon as the disc is loaded.  Viewers are invited to choose between English, English Descriptive Video Service,* French and Spanish.  Upon choosing a language the DVD begins in that language, there are two previews (described below) before the disc menu appears, though you can press “Pop Up/Menu” or “Top Menu” to skip the previews.  The options available in the set-up menu are “Languages” and “Subtitles,” which are for the same languages on the initial menu.

There’s also the Scene Selection option, which allows you to return to the spot you last saw or even just to favorite scenes to watch over and over again.


“FROZEN” (Pictured) ANNA. ©2013 Disney. All Rights Reserved.


  1. SLEEPING BEAUTY – The Diamond edition will be available on Blu-ray and digital HD.  It was released on December 10th in a combo pack with a digital copy included.  The French and Spanish previews were subtitled for this preview.
  2. MUPPETS:  MOST WANTED – The sequel to THE MUPPET MOVIE will be in theaters on Friday, March 21st and we’ll have a review of it for you soon.  The French and Spanish previews were in those languages, but the words on the screen were subtitled.
  3. THE PIRATE FAIRY – The latest Tinker Bell movie will be released on Blu-Ray and digital HD on April 1st and we’ll have a review of it for you soon.



Get a Horse

The new Mickey Mouse short that aired before FROZEN in theaters is also on the disc, so you can watch it over and over.  If you loved it as much as my nephew did (he could not stop laughing), it’ll be a great addition to the family library of Disney discs.  I’ve also checked the digital HD version via Disney Movies Anywhere and Get a Horse is available digitally, too.

Mickey Mouse GET A HORSE

The Making of Frozen

An original song and dance number sung by Josh Gad,  Jonathan Groff and Kristen Bell and performed with a professional dance troupe (or else the Disney animation team is multi-talented!) in the halls of the Disney Animation Studios.  And that’s it.  So, if you’re interested in learning more about the making of Frozen, Adventures by Daddy was invited to the Disney Animation Studios to learn all about it and we posted it in three articles: a Q&A with the directors and producersan explanation of how rigging works, and an explanation of voice-over work.

Disney's FROZEN Rigging

A look behind the scenes of Frozen, featured in our “Do You Want to Rig a Snowman?” post (link above)


D’Frosted – Disney’s Journey from Hans Christian Andersen to Frozen

Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee talk to Alice Davis about the transition from Walt Disney’s 1939 plan to create a film of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen” (Production Number 1092) to 2013’s FROZEN and their research into the Disney archives to bring Walt Disney’s ideas to their production.  Alice’s husband, Marc Davis, created artwork for a possible snow palace attraction for Disneyland and together they show some of the details of the artwork that made it into FROZEN.  I haven’t revealed all, so be sure to watch this short film – it’s fascinating.

FROZEN's Peter Del Vecho, Jennifer Lee, and Chris Buck

(L-R) Peter Del Vecho (producer), Jennifer Lee (director), and Chris Buck (director) of Disney’s FROZEN


Deleted Scenes

The directors of FROZEN, Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, take viewers through the deleted scenes, explaining why they didn’t make it into the film.  I’m very happy that they decided not to make Elsa evil.  The scene they showed (in storyboard format – deleted scenes don’t get animated) doesn’t ring true to the story we now know and love.  The dressing room scene is funny, but doesn’t make sense, either, in the larger context of the movie.  Two of the alternative introductions of Kristoff are shown, too – it’s a shame the first one was cut, because in that version we learn of an earlier version of the film that sort of explains the oddness of the immediate knowledge of “eternal” winter.


©2013 Disney. All Rights Reserved.


Music Videos

There are three different versions of Let It Go:  Demi Lovato’s in English; Martina Stoessel’s in Spanish; and Marsha Milan’s in Malaysian.

Original Teaser Trailer

In this short film, Olaf and Sven battle for control of Olaf’s carrot nose.


This section contains the standard disclaimers about opinions, etc.


This section of the disc includes commercials for various Disney products, including Disney Movie Rewards, the Disney Parks and Adventures by Disney, particularly its new Norway trip, inspired by FROZEN.  There is a preview for DisneyNature’s BEARS (in theaters April 18th) as well as the original three previews (SLEEPING BEAUTY, MUPPETS MOST WANTED, and THE PIRATE FAIRY).

FROZEN and The Pirate Fairy
*Descriptive Video Service is an audio overlay that describes the action on the scene for visually-impaired viewers.  When I reviewed the DVD of PLANES, I watched the first few scenes of the movie to get an idea of how it works and it’s an impressive feature.   The descriptions were accurate and did not intrude on the dialogue in any way.

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