The LEGO Movie – Blu-ray/DVD/3D Combo Pack – Available June 17, 2014

THE LEGO MOVIE will be released on DVD on Tuesday, June 17th.  The LEGO Movie is AWESOME (click here for my review of the film) and there are a lot of awesome extras on the Blu-ray (the only extra on the DVD is the commentary).  I loved the behind-the-scenes features, especially for such a labor-intensive movie as this one.  I especially enjoyed seeing the “Bringing LEGO to Life” and “Dream Job” features.

The LEGO Movie Blu-Ray

The disc starts with an introduction for Ultra Violet, the site for the digital HD version.  There are also commercials for the two LEGOLAND parks (in California and Florida) and the LEGOLAND Discovery Centers, which are located in seven cities across North America, with four international locations – two in Germany, one in the UK and another in Tokyo.  Don’t forget, LEGOLAND California has also added The LEGO Movie Experience where you can look at the sets of the film.


First, the technical details: you can choose from English, French and Latino Spanish for the audio and for subtitles, the options are English (for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing), French, Latino Spanish and, of course, none.

There’s also the Scene Selection option, which allows you to return to the spot you last saw or even just to favorite scenes to watch over and over again.

The LEGO Movie

(L-R) LEGO minifigures Batman (voiced by WILL ARNETT) and Wonder Woman (COBIE SMULDERS) Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures © 2014 WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC.


The Blu-ray is rich with special features, including making-of movies, music videos, and even Lego building tutorials.

“Batman’s a True Artist” –  a music video of Batman’s son with the following credit:  “Made by Markus Jolly age 6” – if that’s not a joke, then Markus is one talented kid.

“Michaelangelo and Lincoln: History Cops” – a “preview” for a new movie featuring Michaelangelo and Abraham Lincoln as partners in a time-traveling police drama

“Enter the Ninjago” – a Hollywood producer explains to Emmet how they’re going to enhance his story (The LEGO Movie) to make it more appealing to movie audiences.

“Bringing Lego to Life” – Emmet hosts this feature (which turns out to be an homage to teamwork, just like the movie itself), taking viewers through the process of creating the LEGO Movie.  There may be an important announcement in this feature.  At least, I hope there is.

“Everything is Awesome Sing-Along” – Video with words on the screen, though not always scrolling across the bottom of the screen.

“Behind the Scenes:  See It, Build It” – This feature is three separate sections.  First, there’s an “Introduction with Senior Designer Michael Fuller,” who was a lead designer on The LEGO Movie.  The other two sections are tutorials that show how to build pieces from the movie:  Double-Decker Couch and Emmet’s Car.  Fuller gives the basics, then shows viewers how to make modifications to personalize the pieces (to inspire viewers to make their own modifications).  The tutorials move quickly – you’ll need to use the pause button, especially for younger children.  You’ll have to watch it first to figure out which pieces you’ll need, too, because there’s no “recipe” with ingredients (bricks) and instructions (instructions) to follow.  It would have been nice if the case included at least a list of the bricks needed to build the basics and, even, the special modifications shown by Fuller.

Inside the experience, guests step onto a LEGO soundstage to get an exclusive look inside the worlds of Bricksburg, Middle Zealand, Old West, Cloud Cuckooland and Octane Tower.

Inside the experience, guests step onto a LEGO soundstage to get an exclusive look inside the worlds of Bricksburg, Middle Zealand, Old West, Cloud Cuckooland and Octane Tower.


“Behind the Scenes:  Stories from the Story Team” – This is a storyboard introduction in story board format.  It’s especially fun to see prior versions of story, not to mention the additional homage to team work.

“Fan-Made Films:  Top Secret Submissions” – the Rebrick social media community was offered an opportunity to create mini movies (based on the given theme) made out of Lego bricks with the possibility of their submissions being included in the movie.   This feature includes the top submissions and winners.


Additional Promotional Content

Alleyway Test – this is the first animation test for The LEGO Movie

Deleted Scenes (in storyboard format, because, generally speaking, only the final story makes it to animation)

“Featurette:  Dream Job:  Meet the LEGO Builders” – This feature describes and introduces LEGO Master Builders and included development of some of the kits that were made based on The LEGO Movie.

The LEGO Movie Blu-Ray

There are three discs in The LEGO Movie case, along with an exclusive minifig and a 3-D Emmet head.  Emmet’s face is also on the DVD disc, while WyldStyle’s face appears on the Blu-ray and Batman’s on the 3D disc.  Make of that what you will.  Also included with the discs are a flyer for Lego Club, the UltraViolet Digital HD download code for The LEGO Movie, and a “Kids Go Free” coupon (expiration date December 31, 2016) for LEGOLAND Parks, including LEGOLAND California, LEGOLAND Florida and the North American Legoland Discovery Centers (only one kid per coupon and only one coupon per case).

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