TOY STORY OF TERROR Blu-ray Review – Available August 19, 2014

TOY STORY OF TERROR will be released on Blu-ray on Tuesday, August 18th.  TOY STORY OF TERROR is a half hour (21 minutes and 30 seconds to be precise) made-for-TV movie.  Disney•Pixar’s TOY STORY fans will love having all of the TOY STORY specials on one disc.  I will love being able to watch an entire movie in one car ride, rather than the bits and pieces I experience on a usual ride with my nieces.

Toy Story Of Terror Blu-ray


First, the technical details:  You can watch the film in English, French and Spanish (not simultaneously) and English Descriptive Audio is also provided.  You also have the option of adding subtitles (or not) in English, French, Spanish and English for the Hearing Impaired.  An intriguing option called “Maximizer” is also included and turned out to be instructions for setting up your home theater to maximize your experience.

After picking your preferred language, you’re given the option of skipping the main menu and heading straight to the movie.   You can do that or watch the previews, which I’ll enumerate for you here.

There’s also the Scene Selection option, which allows you to return to the spot you last saw or even just to favorite scenes to watch over and over again.


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FROZEN sing-along edition


The menu options are laid out in a row along the bottom of the screen, which is a black and white reel (complete with the white circle indicating reel change to projectionists in the old days of real film) of a spooky graveyard at night with occasional lightning flashes illuminating a scary house on a hill.

TOY STORY OF TERROR:  From Horror Movie to Horror Story


There are two options for playing the movie:  i) the movie alone; and ii) the movie with the Vintage Toy Commercials (see below for my review).  I suggest watching it with the commercials for the full effect.

TOY STORY OF TERROR begins with the TOY STORY toys watching a classic black-and-white horror movie.  Mr. Pricklepants holds forth on the classic elements of horror stories as the TOY STORY toys find themselves in a horror story of their own.  As with all TOY STORY movies, teamwork is the main theme with the added element of overcoming fears and having confidence in oneself.



Toy Story Toons (with or without commentary)

There are three additional non-Halloween cartoons, starring the TOY STORY cast, on the disk.  The first, Hawaiian Vacation, shows the cartoons working together to help Ken and Barbie with their romance.  The second, Small Fry (cute pun), is a lighter version of the abandoned toy theme, including a therapy session for toys, similar to the therapy sessions for game characters in WRECK-IT RALPH.  The third, Partysaurus Rex, was my favorite, and shows Rex getting his groove on with a different set of toys.

Team of Specialists

The director takes us through a day in his life as a Pixar movie maker, right down to the zit.  We learn quite a bit about the “team of specialists” created for the movie by the Pixar team of specialists.  My favorite part of this feature is the fascinating Foley segment.  I would love to try this some day!

Deleted Scenes (with or without editorial intro) – There are three deleted scenes included.  I watched them with and without the intro.  The intro doesn’t take long and it’s worth watching.

D23 Teaser (preview of the movie)

Vintage Toy Trailers (with or without director intro) – the director created commercials based on three of the toys in the movie.  Each is unique and I can’t decide which is my favorite, the coughing PSA with Combat Carl or the Japanese commercial for Transitron.



This section contains the standard disclaimers about opinions, etc.


This section of the disc includes a commercial for Disney Movie Rewards, plus previews for “Star Wars Rebels,” coming this fall on Disney XD, and MALEFICENT coming soon on Blu-ray.

Maleficent Blu-ray Combo

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