Disneynature’s BEARS Blu-ray Review

Disneynature’s seventh nature documentary BEARS is NOW available on Blu-ray+DVD Combo Pack, and Digital HD.  The home release of BEARS contains only a moderate amount of bonus features is notably lacking in an audio commentary track from the directors.  I would have loved to listened to an audio commentary to get even more insight as to how the beautiful nature scenes were captured.  That being said, Disneynature’s BEARS is a gorgeous film to watch, and should surely entertain kids on those car rides.  However, don’t expect a great deal of extras to occupy your time.  You may be better off renting rather than purchasing this Disney release.  Continue reading for a more detailed review of Disneynature’s BEARS Blu-ray.

Disneynature Bears Bluray


As mentioned in our review of Disneynature’s BEARS, the film depicts a year in the life of a mama brown bear and her cubs.  Its full of the typical Disney anthropomorphisms with the bear “stars” given names, emotions, and human-like motivations to their actions.  A particularly absurd device was when a raven led the mama bear to the golden pond stocked with salmon just in time to save the family from starvation.  Aside from the expected anthropomorphism, the cinematography and nature shots of Disneynature’s BEARS are stunning, and I commend Disney for bringing this series of documentaries to theaters.  For many people, this could be their only exposure/education to the natural world, and it may spark curiosity and interest for people to learn more about the environment.

Disneynature's BEARS

Disneynature’s BEARS, photo by Oliver Scholey © Disney


Basic, easy to navigate menu, with  options on the left hand side.  Languages and subtitles include: English, SDH, Spanish and French Subtitles (Applies To Film Content Only).


The best part of the bonus features for Disneynature’s BEARS was learning more about the process of nature documentary filmmaking.

Welcome To Alaska – Director Keith Scholey takes the viewers into the Alaskan wilds of Katmai National Park to film Sky and her cubs.  We learned just how much effort went into finding Sky and the cubs in this behind the scenes look at the making of the film.  I particularly enjoyed the insight into how close the filmmakers were able to get not only to the bears, but also the wolves.

Disneynature's BEARS

Tikaani the wolf in Disneynature’s BEARS, photo by Oliver Scholey © Disney


The Future For The Bears – Noted English primatologist and UN Messenger for Peace, Dame Jane Goodall, pays a visit to the film site, and the crew documents her first ever encounter with bears in the wild.  Disneynature has committed a portion of the proceeds from BEARS will go to the National Park Foundation, and they stress the importance of protecting bears and their habitats as well as salmon and their oceans.

Disneynature's BEARS

Dr, Jane Goodall and co-director Keith Scholey, photo by Paul Baribault © Disney


A Guide To Living With Bears – Male bears can reach 1,000 lbs and nearly 10 feet tall, so the Disneynature BEARS crew were reliant on guides who grew up in the area around the animals.  The feature show how the guides handled bears, and gave some basic rules for what to do in the presence of bears.

Disneynature BEARS

Disneynature BEARS © Disney


How Did They Film That? – An inside look at some of the extreme filmmaking that came from two years of working in the wilds of Alaska including: searching for Sky and cubs emerging from their den after hibernation and filming bears underwater.  The cameramen went to extreme lengths in filming including helicopter shots, skiing and snowboarding while recording, and diving in frigid water for unique angles of bears in the water.

Disneynature's BEARS

Disneynature’s BEARS, photo by Helen Sampson © Disney


“Carry On” Music Video By Olivia Holt – a straightforward music video with lots of scenes of Disney Channel star Olivia Holt singing in various outifts and settings cut with scenes from Disneynature’s BEARS.


Included are ads for Disney Movies Anywhere; Disney Movie Rewards.com; and the Disney Parks; Blu-ray editions of MALEFICENT, SLEEPING BEAUTY, and FROZEN Sing-Along.  We also receive trailers for the next Disney Fairies film LEGEND OF THE NEVERBEAST and the 2015 Disneynature release MONKEY KINGDOM (I LOVE the Lorde song used for this trailer).

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