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Adventure Time: The Complete Fourth Season, now available on Blu-ray & DVD, takes a leap into darkness as we learn more about the Vampire Queen, Marceline, who is featured on this season’s cover art.  Arguably one of the best season’s of Adventure Time, several classic moments were brought to life in Season Four.  It’s here that we learn about the pained relationship between Marceline and her father, and the touching connection between her and Ice King.  We also meet the Hug Wolf, follow the love triangle of Finn, the Flame Princess and Princess Bubblegum, watch love blossom between Tree Trunks and Pig, and see just what it is that BMO does when Finn & Jake are out exploring.  Continue reading for our review of Adventure Time: The Complete Fourth Season.

ATS4 Blu ray Box Art

If you’re not already familiar with Adventure Time it may seem a bit whack-a-doodle from afar, but once you step inside the Land of Ooo, you’re likely to say ‘ahhh‘.   Currently in its sixth season on Cartoon Network, the depth of the backstories behind each character is nearly as elaborate and intertwined as the houses within the realms of Game of Thrones.  The themes are refreshingly grown-up, witty and endearing, making it completely relevant to fans of all ages.  It’s so much more than just a cartoon about a boy (Finn) and his shape-shifting dog (Jake).  The fourth season of Adventure Time provides hearty laughs, toe-tapping tunes, awesome adventures, and even a few sniffle inducing moments.


The animation here is simple, featuring a silhouette of Finn’s signature beanie in front of a night sky.  The lovely song from the show’s end credits, “Adventure Time Ending Theme” plays on a loop.

Adventure Time S4_2


There are 26 episodes, each with a run time of a short-but-sweet 11 minutes.  You have the option to either go for a marathon session and “Play All”, or select your favorites to watch one at a time.  Additionally, every episode has an optional commentary featuring various producers and writers of the show.  While the commentaries may provide some interesting tidbits here & there, this feature is definitely just for the hardcore fans.

  1. Hot to the Touch, part 2
  2. Five Short Graybles
  3. Web Weirdos
  4. Dream of Love
  5. Return to the Nightosphere
  6. Daddy’s Little Monster
  7. In Your Footsteps
  8. Hug Wolf
  9. Princess Monster Wife
  10. Goliad
  11. Beyond This Earthly Realm
  12. Gotcha!
  13. Princess Cookie
  14. Card Wars
  15. Sons of Mars
  16. Burning Low
  17. BMO Noire
  18. King Worm
  19. Lady & Peebles
  20. You Made Me
  21. Who Would Win
  22. Ignition Point
  23. The Hard Easy
  24. Reign of Gunters
  25. I Remember You
  26. The Lich

Adventure Time S4_1


  • Distant Bands: The Music of Adventure Time: This 19-minute featurette includes series creator Pendleton Ward, creative director Pat McHale, and storyboard artists Jesse Moynihan and Rebecca Sugar.  They each discuss their own musical history and how critical music is to the show.  They share stories behind the creative process of making some of the series’ most notable musical moments; including the making of the show’s theme song, the story behind “Bacon Pancakes”, “Political Rap”, “Daddy Fries”, “Dream of Love”, and “Remember You”.

Adventure Time S4_4

Whether you’re new to the series, or if you’ve been a fan from day one, Adventure Time: The Complete Fourth Season is a must-have for everyone.  The series really hits it’s stride in season four, and while the bonus features are fairly lackluster overall, the core content is anything but.

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