CARE Knows How To Support Education for Women

I’m a father; I’m an educator; I’m a global citizen.  I believe in the power of community and the power of giving back.  In fact, I’m currently leading a group of 13 college students on an alternative spring break trip to Give Kids The World Village helping children with life-threatening illnesses and their families enjoy a magical week-long respite vacation.  We’re lucky.  The students I’m with get to enjoy an education, and have the luxury of  choosing how to spend their break.  Many people in the world do not have those choices because of poverty and barriers to education.  This is particularly true for women – many girls face daunting challenges to attending school, and CARE works to address the roots of those impediments as a way to increase learning opportunities.  Continue reading to find out more about how CARE Knows How to help. Full disclosure: this article is financially supported by

CARE Knows How

Photo by Erin Lubin courtesy of CARE

I was particularly struck by CARE’s program in Zimbabwe, where girls face low social status, poor sanitation, violence and oftentimes have education ended by pregnancy.  Schools in Zimbabwe often do not communicate with each other because of distance and lack of contact between villages.  However, through a simple APP, more than 400+ schools can be connected to each other via the internet.  Zimbabwe has more than 5 million data subscribers and almost all of them access the internet using mobile phones – social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Skype have played major roles in changing the way that Zimbabweans communicate.

Through WhatsApp, 467 schools can communicate and share with each other.  Community members are also using it to support one another as well.  Schools and community groups can give updates on planned activities, and look for support to deal with challenges.  Increasing connections break down the barriers women face for education – which makes us all smarter and better at finding long-term solutions to the problem of extreme poverty.  To learn more about CARE’s programs, click here.

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