Tasty Tour of The Simpsons NEW Springfield at Universal Studios Hollywood

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 was the official Grand Opening and Media Preview for the new SPRINGFIELD  Simpsons expansion at Universal Studios Hollywood! “Springfield,” hometown of America’s favorite family THE SIMPSONS is now officially opened!

To mark the occasion, Universal Studios Hollywood hosted a festive neighborhood block party attended by special guests. But more on that later. Not only did we witness the opening, but we were invited to “A Taste Of Springfield!” From Moe’s Tavern to Luigi’s Pizza to Krusty Burger, all of Springfield’s food establishments were represented. And boy, did we get the ultimate taste test!

The evening started with the Grand Opening Ceremony of Springfield, which took place in front of the Nuclear Power Plant.


Wait a minute! I take that back. The evening started with a Duff Beer!



Duff Beer downed, we were now ready for the Opening Ceremony, which included a short, funny speech by Bob Fleming. He introduced our favorite Simpsons characters: Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa. New strolling characters, Krusty the Clown and Sideshow Bob also made an appearance!


This was meant to be a neighborhood block party celebrating the opening of Springfield, but as usual, the nuclear power plant went bananas!


Luckily we had workers there to put out the fire, and Springfield was officially open for tasting!


The benefit of being so near Hollywood, is that some pretty special people came to the event. Special guests Al Jean, the Executive Producer of THE SIMPSONS, Nancy Cartwright, the voice of “Bart,” Yeardley Smith, the voice of “Lisa” and Joe Mantegna, the voice of “Fat Tony,” were there. We even met a SIMPSONS writer in Moe’s Tavern!


The new themed environment, located in the area leading up to THE SIMPSONS RIDE, captures the spirit of Springfield, immersing visitors and fans in the world of “The Simpsons”. The area features the many iconic landmarks made famous throughout the series’ mind boggling 26 seasons, including Springfield Elementary School, Comic Book Guy’s Android’s Dungeon, the cooling towers of Mr. Burns’ Nuclear Power Plant, the Springfield Police Station, the Aztec Theater and, of course, the Kwik-E-Mart.

But now, on to the food! Springfield didn’t earn the Duff Book of World Records “Fattest Town” for nothing! In Moe’s Tavern we encountered this little beverage:

Universal Orlando's Springfield USA

A little too sweet, but with the extra added ingredient of Vodka or Gin, a Flaming Moe will make your afternoon! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

Krusty Burger has a great menu, including a “Genuine Clown-Endorsed Meal” – the Krusty Burger. We had to try it, of course!



Luigi’s Pizza had pizza, pasta, caesar salad, garlic bread and some great desserts, including tiramisu and a towering strawberry shortcake.


Other well-known Springfield establishments rounded out the area, giving the whole section a larger-than-life feel. Springfield Elementary School, Comic Book Guy’s Android’s Dungeon, the Springfield Police Station, the Aztec Theater and, of course, the Kwik-E-Mart.





While many of the Springfield establishments sell Duff Beer, there is also a Duff Brewery and a Duff Beer Garden, featuring three flavors: Regular, Lite and Dark.


Need to satisfy your sweet tooth? Head to Phineas Q. Butterfat’s Ice Cream Parlor, which features an agonizingly amazing Donut Sundae. What’s better than a donut with little sprinkles on top? A donut with ice cream and every sort of topping you can think of!! Yes, we shared.


And you can’t think about Homer Simpson without thinking of donuts. Lard Lad is here to fill your craving, featuring 4 flavors of drool-worthy donuts. You can also spring for a giant donut able to feed about 12 people. Unfortunately (fortunately?) for us, they were giving them away for free! Help!

2015-05-13 17.39.03

Throughout the evening, Richard and I were Live-Streaming on Meerkat. You can see his phone in the photo here.


At one point we had over 220 people watching, commenting and having a blast with us! Download Meerkat on your iPhone or Android, follow SkywalkingPod in the App and always be notified when we are live streaming from some fun event. Here is the replay of the evening, starting at 34:06 –

Because of the nature of streaming video, it’s meant to be viewed on your phone vertically. Sometimes we would switch between horizontal and vertical to get a better view, which is why this video is sometimes horizontal and sometimes vertical.

If you are a SIMPSONS fan, Springfield at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD is a Must-See attraction. And the donut sundae is a Must-Do, or Must-D’oh!

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