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Pretty Great Camera Phone Travel Hacks
June 20, 2015 Family Travel

My smart phone has become an essential tool when traveling, and not just for letting friends and family know when my flight landed. I use the camera all the time to help me remember, plan, and take notes when I’m on the road. Without even discussing travel apps, here are five ways to “phone first” while traveling.

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DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post written by me in support of a paid campaign by Embassy Suites #PrettyGreat Family Travel Hacks program. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

1. Take a picture of your hotel room door or number; all the halls and doorways look the same so it’s easy to forget your room especially on your first day in the new location and you’re groggy from the long drive or flight.

Phone Travel Hacks - room number

2. Take a picture of your parking spot number and/or row number to remember how to find your car. In the excitement of getting to your destination, it’s easy to forget where you left the car. Plus, if you have a rental, you may be less familiar identifying those new wheels.

Phone Travel Hacks - parking spot

3. Heading to a theme park for the day? Take a picture of the BACK of your ticket. That way if you drop or lose your pass, you have a record of all those numbers and codes if/when you need to replace it.

Phone Travel Hacks - ticket gif

4. Take a photo of your family and kids. Yes, I’m sure you have lots of family photos on your phone. However, a picture of what the kids are wearing that day could help you remember their outfits if you get separated and need to describe them to an employee. Especially important when you’re anxious and stressed over a lost child.

Phone Travel Hacks - family pic

5. Don’t forget the phone charger. With all the photos you’re taking of your room number, parking space, tickets, and kids (plus everything else you’re doing on your phone), it’s easy to run down the battery. Don’t forget to bring your power cord or portable charger so you have access to those photos when you need them.

Phone Travel Hacks - phone charger

How do you use your phone when traveling with your family? Please leave your tips and tricks in the comments below, and be sure to check out Embassy Suites #PrettyGreat Family Travel Hacks Online Community for more family travel hacks – simple, clever tips to make vacation journeys with children easier, from packing to keeping the kids entertained on the road – posted by family travel experts and fellow parents.

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