Marvel’s ANT-MAN Review

Review written by Beatrice Feeney

I am thankful for an invitation to preview Ant-Man, which will be out in theaters on July 17th. I must admit that even being a Marvel and a Disney fan, I was a bit skeptical about seeing Ant-Man, but I was excited to give it a chance. I am happy to tell you that my prejudgments about this movie were wrong. The writing was good with several one-liners that caused our theater to laugh out loud.


Paul Rudd stars as Scott Lang/Ant-Man and Michael Douglas as Dr. Hank Pym. Dr. Pym found Scott, a master Burglar, and interestingly gets him to embrace his inner hero. Scott helps to fill the role that Pym held in his younger days by learning the strengths and protecting the secret behind the amazing Ant-Man suit from a new generation of bad guys trying to copy the formula to shrink bodies for evil use. Pym and Lang must plan and pull a heist that will save the world.


For Disney fans like me, this is one of those movies to get excited about finding little hidden gems like Stan Lee’s cameo and Disney references. You may even want to brace yourself for a little touch of the Sherman Brothers iconic “it’s a small world” – Can you think of a more perfect song to keep an ear-out for in this film? One thing that I was not prepared for was to cry during this movie, but there was a moment that took me there in the sweet Father/Daughter story that is beautifully mixed in with all the heroic actions and laughs throughout the film. The Avengers make a few small appearances and make sure you stay past the credits because there are two special things that happen after credits start to roll that you definitely don’t want to miss! No, it’s not the top movie of the year, but yes, it’s one that will entertain and may even make you laugh out loud and/or cry…Be prepared to like it more than you expected.


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