Review: Disney Infinity ZOOTOPIA Figures and Power Discs

On March 1st, Disney Infinity 3.0 released a new wave of figures and Power Discs to go along with Walt Disney Animation’s 55th animated feature, ZOOTOPIA (if you haven’t seen ZOOTOPIA, click here for our spoiler-free review). Are they worth it to buy for your burgeoning Disney Infinity collection? What about if you’re just starting out with Disney Infinity? Here’s what I think about Disney Infinity ZOOTOPIA additions.

disney infinity zootopia

Addictive! That’s how I would describe the Disney Infinity ZOOTOPIA Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde figures. Less than one week after I received them, both are leveled up to 15 (out of 20). By tonight, Judy and Nick may be leveled up all the way!

If you are just starting in Disney Infinity, you do need the actual Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack before you can play with these characters in the game. Though the figures alone, for some collectors, are worth collecting. Once again the artists have done a bang-up job of creating physical figures that look appealing, are beautifully detailed and have a great paint job. Just take a look at the sculpt of the characters from the back.

disney infinity zootopia

The Disney Infinity ZOOTOPIA figures are categorized as Disney Originals, which means you cannot play them in Marvel or Star Wars Play Sets, and they won’t work in Disney Infinity 1.0 and 2.0 (earlier versions of the game). Therefore their playability is limited to the Toy Box and Toy Box Games like Toy Box Speedway and Toy Box Takeover. You’ll get far more playability out of Disney Infinity Star Wars figures, which at this point can be played in 3 Star Wars Play Sets as well as the Toy Box Hub and Toy Box Games. If you fell in love with Nick and Judy while watching ZOOTOPIA, however, then you will enjoy playing with them even in their limited capacity.

Judy Hopps

I’ve seen ZOOTOPIA twice (so far), and I can’t stop gazing at this cute gray bunny. Her nose twitches, her fur is so pet-able, and I love how she is animated. She has a tough physicality to her which belies her cute, optimistic personality.

disney infinity zootopia judy

Disney Infinity designers have translated that into the game. I posted this video on Instagram, and immediately got comments from people stating, “Judy Hopps has got street-fighter moves!” Yes, yes she does.

@disneyinfinity #judyhopps kick action! She kicks major butt in #zootopia and this game!!

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Those side kicks do some major damage to the enemy. While her melee skills are very strong, she doesn’t have a ranged attack (think Captain America’s shield or Thor’s Hammer). Instead she dashes fast toward the enemy and you have to be quick with another button press to make her deliver her powerful kick. Once leveled up to about 10, I was able to unlock Super-Sensitive Hearing which increases Judy’s ability to sense and repel enemies, and increases her alert time. After this Judy became super-fast and enemies had a hard time landing hits on her. That and her Super-Jump 1, 2 and 3 allow her to hop out of a jam in a hurry. She’s small, she’s quick and I found myself playing with her more than Nick Wilde because I could identify with her.

The one let-down with Judy is her Special Move. It is “Sleep Enforcement – Judy fires a dart from a Tranquilizer Gun that puts opponents to sleep.” Now I’m used to Marvel Special Moves where, with one tap of the Special Move button, you sit back and watch your hero destroy several enemies at once. Not so with Judy. Once fired, you have to then go up to the enemy and knock them out. Too much work! Plus, this is not a memorable activity Judy does in the movie. In fact, I don’t think she tranquilizes anyone or uses a gun of any kind. What she does do a couple times is use her brains to “hustle” her enemies, but I’m not sure how that would translate to in-game play.

That being said, her swift Melee skills, Super-Jump and powerful kick make up for this, and I find myself not using her Special Move at all. She’s one of my favorites to play right under Star Wars Ahsoka Tano and Rey. BONUS: She is voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin, the actual voice of Judy Hopps in ZOOTOPIA.

Nick Wilde

I love foxes, so it’s fun to watch Nick darting around in the game.

disney infinity zootopia nick

His ranged attack is throwing a giant popsicle and this is not my favorite. The giant-ness of the popsicle takes away from how cute that fox is. However it is effective, and I found myself using Nick’s Ranged Attack far more than his up-close melee skills. Pretty much the opposite of Judy Hopps. Also opposite is the fact that I love his Special Move. What’s better than one fox on screen? Two! Nick’s Fennec Fox friend joins him to attack enemies sidekick-style with one press of the Special Move button. Both foxes melt my heart and I love watching them. Nick Wilde is also voiced by his vocal doppleganger in the film: Jason Bateman. I love this commitment to original voices that Disney Infinity Team has been displaying lately. From STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS cast to ZOOTOPIA, it’s a nice surprise.

ZOOTOPIA Power Disc Pack

Power Discs are like items you pull from your toy box. You want Barbie to wear something else today? You pull out a different outfit. You want your character to ride a vehicle? You pull out a car. You need a different backdrop for the story in your head? You change locations in your house or color a piece of paper. Power Discs replicate this creativity onscreen. The ZOOTOPIA Power Disc Pack comes with four discs. Two are Costume Change discs and 2 are Toy Box skins.

disney infinity zootopia

Sahara Square Sands changes the texture of the environment you are standing on, while Stars Over Sahara Square changes your backdrop to Sahara Square at night. For such a colorful film and amazing design work that went into each of the different burroughs, I feel they picked the most uncolorful and boring one. Give me downtown Zootopia with it’s watering hole, train station, police department and gorgeous skyscraper skyline during the day where we can enjoy those colors! Have Gazelle singing “Try Everything.”


ZOOTOPIA. ©2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.


The texture you stand on is this bland sand color with a vague animal design you can barely see. Where’s all the interesting pavement and textures of downtown? Or even the grass of Bunny Burrows. For such creativity surrounding the development of this movie, I feel these Texture Power Discs missed the mark.

Let’s move on to the Costume Change discs. Nick’s Costume Change disc is a Spoiler, so I won’t post the name of it here. But I do like his costume change. It fits him and his personality. Judy’s Costume Change disc is her Meter Maid outfit. After trying it on, I don’t think I’ll be using it again. She is not as cute with her ears under a hat, plus the Meter Maid outfit is from earlier in the film before her character has grown into the tough, bunny cop she’s always wanted to be.

disney infinity zootopia nick

Final Thoughts

Bottom-line – the characters are great. If you’re a fan of Disney’s ZOOTOPIA, I recommend getting them for the sculpts alone. Just be aware that, as Disney Originals, they are not playable in as many games as some of your Marvel and Star Wars figures. The Power Disc pack is worth getting if you like costume change and texture discs. Many who create their own Toy Boxes within Disney Infinity find them appealing.

I would love a ZOOTOPIA Play Set, but that’s not in the cards. Instead, we ARE getting a new Play Set this year for each of Disney’s properties: Disney, PIXAR, Marvel and Star Wars, so I will patiently wait for those! In the meantime, c’mon Judy, let’s hop around together in this Toy Box…

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