Growing Up Embassy Suites is #PrettyGreat for Our Family Travel

Last week our oldest daughter graduated high school; the next day we whisked off to Washington DC for college orientation at American University.  I’m so glad Embassy Suites DC Metro was less than 2 miles from campus.  It made for such a comfortable stay after the hectic week of graduation coupled with the long drive – more thoughts on our Embassy Suites stay coming later.  However, it got me thinking, our family has really grown up with Embassy Suites, and it’s always been a great home base for our family adventures.  From our wedding day, to Walt Disney World, to now our daughter’s college orientation, growing up Embassy Suites is #PrettyGreat for our family’s travels.

American University Orientation

Maggie (age 18) attends college orientation at American University, photo by Dave Parfitt

Cue the TV flashback music… May 28, 1995 was our first stay at Embassy Suites as a family.  The date’s easy to remember because it also happens to be or wedding day.  Before jetting off on our honeymoon, we spent the night at the Embassy Suites next to the Pittsburgh airport.  Since this is a family-friendly site, we’ll leave it at that…

BW Wedding Photo

Dana Helmreich and Dave Parfitt at wedding, May 28, 1995


That first visit to Embassy Suites in Pittsburgh with its two-room suite, made-to-order breakfast, evening manager’s reception, and sweeping open atrium (I still remember the stream with a mannequin fly-fishing) solidified our love for the hotel brand, and anytime we had to travel for professional conferences, vacation, etc., we checked to see if there was an Embassy Suites nearby first.  We’ve stayed at Embassy Suites in San Diego, New Orleans, Washington DC, and more.  Our first family trip to Walt Disney World was in 2002, and where did we stay?  That’s right, Embassy Suites Orlando on International Drive.

Walt Disney World 2002

Maggie (age 4) and Evie (1 year old) at Walt Disney World in 2002, photo by Dave Parfitt


Our daughters were nearly 5 and 2 years old at the time, and we squeezed as much in to that first Walt Disney World vacation as possible (gotta take advantage of free admission for kids under 3).  I’d say the large comfortable suite helped everyone sleep, but with all the Disney stimulation during the day – sleeping was never an issue for the kids at all.  Check out the scene in the back seat of our rental car on the way back to Embassy Suites after spending the day at Disney World.

Walt Disney World 2002

Maggie (age 4) and Evie (1 year old) at Walt Disney World in 2002, photo by Dave Parfitt


Over the years, we continued growing up Embassy Suites.  In 2005 we moved from Vermont to our current home in Rochester, NY.  Our daughter’s new school required an interview before she could start classes in January, and the only time we could get there was driving to visit family during the Christmas holidays.  We incorporated a quick overnight stop at Embassy Suites in Syracuse to rest up before our school visit the next morning.  Jessie the Bear, ambassador of Embassy Suites Syracuse, gave us a great welcome as we prepared to move to our new home.

Embassy Suites Syracuse

Jessie the Bear at Embassy Suites Syracuse, photo by Dave Parfitt


Family vacations, weekend getaways, and staycations were all facilitated with Embassy Suites stays, and last year as we drove to visit colleges throughout the north east, we knew we could count on Embassy Suites to serve as our home base then too.  Can’t beat the Embassy Suites right next to the Logan Airport when you fly in to visit Tufts University and Boston College.

Embassy Suites Boston at Logan Airport

Embassy Suites Boston at Logan Airport, photo by Dave Parfitt


And now we’ve come full circle, back to Maggie’s college orientation at American University.  As we sit enjoying another Embassy Suites cooked-to-order breakfast, it’s comforting to know as our family has gotten older we’ve loved growing up Embassy Suites.  We raise our coffee cup and orange juice glass (and later a glass of wine or beer at the Manager’s Reception) to Embassy Suites for taking such good care of us in every stage of our family adventures.

Embassy Suites Chevy Chase Pavilion

Maggie and Dave Parfitt at Embassy Suites Chevy Chase Pavilion before American University’s college orientation

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