LOVE SIMON Review – Important Film and Message for Our Time

LOVE SIMON is directed by Greg Berlanti, and many people may be familiar with Greg Berlanti’s work on the Arrowverse. Berlanti has now taken a step in a different direction to work with the great minds of writers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger (This Is Us). Between fitting in and finding love, high school is tough for everyone. This is what Greg Berlanti’s direction portrays in the touching, cinematic release of the book Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli. Continue reading for our full review of LOVE SIMON.

Simon (Nick Robinson) is a regular kid. He is a student, son, and friend. Simon and his friends, Leah, Abby, and Nick (played by Katherine Langford, Alexandra Shipp, and Jorge Lendebord Jr., respectively), have a fun, normal life. They like getting coffee, going to sporting events, and hanging out. His parents (played by Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Garner) are loving and trustful of Simon and his sister, Nora (Talitha Eliana Bateman). But, like most kids in high school, Simon has a secret: he’s gay. The only other person that knows is his closeted pen pal, Blue. He struggles between keeping his life the way it is and coming out to his friends and family.

Love Simon

Nick Robinson (Simon), Talitha Bateman (Nora), Jennifer Garner (Emily), and Josh Duhamel (Jack) star in Twentieth Century Fox’s LOVE, SIMON. Photo Credit: Ben Rothstein.

Coming out is a hard thing to do. Nick Robinson’s portrayal of Simon is breathtaking. He shows the anguish a closeted person goes through before they come out. He perfectly demonstrates the pain caused by the aftermath of the coming out, whether that may be from friends or family members. Robinson is able to show that happiness can transpire after the truth is out in the open.

In a world where the LGBTQ population is still fighting for the right to be themselves like their straight, cis-gendered counterparts, this is the movie for them. In a world where many in the straight, cis-gendered population are against people being themselves, this is the movie for them. The message of this movie is one that leaves nobody out. While the film is about a gay guy’s coming out story, the movie’s message is about accepting who you are, even if others might not. This is the most important lesson that people seem to need now more than ever.

Love Simon

Nick Robinson stars as Simon in Twentieth Century Fox’s LOVE, SIMON. Photo Credit: Ben Rothstein.

LOVE SIMON is the first movie since Stephen Chbosky’s Perks of Being a Wallflower that will make you feel. Yes, you read that right. It will make you feel. This film has scenes that are heartbreaking, but the first part of what makes it such a good film is the way that humor is used. The humor of the film does not take away from the film in any way, rather it adds so much more to it, which gives the view the means to feel the many emotions that I felt during my screening of this film, both individually and at the same time.

As the film progressed, I found myself forgetting that Simon is gay and wanting him to pursue his love interest. This is the second major part of what makes this film so amazing. It’s that, regardless of what race a person is or what gender or sexual orientation a person identifies with, the love story that unfolds is one that everyone in the theater wanted to see. This is a must see film, and my hope is that those who are struggling with coming out, will feel empowered with the knowledge that they will be ok and loved.

Twentieth Century Fox’s LOVE SIMON will debut in theaters for one night only on Saturday, March 10 ahead of its official March 16 wide release.  Make sure you check out this incredible, magnificent love story when LOVE SIMON hits theaters on March 16 or when it sneaks out on March 10.

Love Simon

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