Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Cast Member Costumes REVEALED!!

When Disneyland closed its gates last night, Cast Members were invited to a sneak peek reveal of the costumes that front line cast will be able to wear inside the upcoming immersive themed land, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. When Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens at Disneyland this Summer, and this Fall at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, guests will walk through tunnels and feel like they’ve really stepped onto the planet Battu in a galaxy far, far away. They’ll be able to walk around the Black Spire Outpost enjoying the immersive themed atmosphere, sampling local delicacies inside a Oga’s Cantina, a full sized Cantina, and purchase collectibles from a Toydarian (similar to Wotto from Phantom Menace). They will also be able to step into the Star Wars stories aboard two unique experiences, Rise of the Resistance, and Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. The Costumes that Cast Members will be able to wear inside the land will be unlike anything Disney has ever produced before.

Photo Courtesy of Disney Examiner on Twitter

Here we have a first look at some of the costumes that Cast will wear around the Black Spire Outpost. It seems that these will be the Costumes that Cast will wear in the marketplace area and around the actual land (possibly for Crowd Control.) Below, are even more designs including different accessories to wear such as jackets, belts, necklaces, and scarfs. The costumes have different combinations for the Cast to utilize, so each area of business inside the land will all have unique versions to use. These costumes are truly going for the immersive feel for guests as (according to the live video on Instagram from Disneyland Ambassadors) Cast Members will be living inside the Black Spire Outpost on Battu.

Photos Courtesy of seedisneywithus and disney_photographer on Instagram

Photos Courtesy of seedisneywithus and disney_photographer on Instagram

Photos Courtesy of seedisneywithus and disney_photographer on Instagram

Below, we also have a look at the costumes that front line Cast Members serving in the Cantina will wear and the bussers as well.

Photos Courtesy of seedisneywithus on Instagram

Next, we have our first look at the Costumes for Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. Aboard this experience, guests will be able to take control inside the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon and take it through the galaxy on customized secret missions. Hondo Ohnaka, a pirate from Star Wars: Clone Wars TV Series is back and he has cut a deal with Chewbacca for the use of the Millennium Falcon. The Cast Members that help us aboard the Falcon are wearing these amazing costumes below featuring headwear and a stylish jacket.

Photos Courtesy of seedisneywithus on Instagram

Last but not least, here is a first look at the immersive attire for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. This incredible experience brings guests together with the Resistance to fight off the First Order, however some guests might get “captured” and ordered along by the First Order. You’ll step aboard a Star Destroyer and come face to face with the First Order including a chilling encounter with Kylo Ren. There are many rumors about this attraction’s experience including a “drop” to send guests back to the planet of Battu. There will be two different costumes that Cast Members can wear as seen below. One features the First Order attire whereas the other features a more rugged Resistance look. My personal theory between these two costumes for the attraction dives deeper into the storyline of the experience. I believe Cast Members will be able to use each costume depending on their position in the experience, so for example if your position is stationed on the Star Destroyer, then you’ll be wearing the First Order costume. Likewise, if you’re outside the attraction (acting as the Resistance) then you’ll be wearing the Resistance themed costume. Again, this is only a personal theory and until Disney confirms this, we should treat it as a theory.

Photos Courtesy of seedisneywithus  on Instagram

Below, we also have a first look at the exclusive name tags Cast Members will be able to wear inside the land, complete with an aurebesh spelling (Star Wars Language) of the Cast Member’s name. The name tag also features the logo of Black Spire Outpost!

Photo Courtesy of Josh D’Amaro, President of Disneyland Resort on Instagram

Well, that’s our first look at the Costumes Cast Members will wear inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge this Summer at the Disneyland Park, and this Fall at Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida. What do you think of these Costumes? I am personally beyond excited and cannot wait to experience Galaxy’s Edge later this year! Be sure to stay with Adventures by Daddy and DarthVader92 on YouTube as we approach the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge this Summer in Disneyland!

Below is a video overview of the costumes for the land narrated by yours truly!

DISCLAIMER: Matt is a Cast Member for the Walt Disney World Resort, however any opinions expressed in this article are the of the author and not of The Walt Disney Company. For more family travel news, reviews, and trip reports, be sure to follow Adventures by Daddy on instagramtwitter and “like” our facebook page too.

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