“Diary of a Future President” – Always Remember How You Got There

Disney+ is launching a new show this week and I can’t wait!  I’ve already seen the first two episodes, but I’ll be watching them again.

Diary of a Future President – Disney+

“Diary of a Future President” (“DFP”) is the story of Elena Cañero-Reed’s journey to being president of the United States (that’s not a spoiler – the story begins as she’s moving into the White House and it’s in the title!).  President Cañero-Reed receives her 8th-grade diary from her mom, Gabi, and starts to read from it. The rest of the show is narrated by Elena as she relives her middle school experiences.

In just the first two episodes, which are all I’ve seen so far, “DFP” covers girls’ anxiety around their first period, friends maturing at different rates, losing best friends mysteriously, bullying/hazing, homework anxiety, family dynamics, and more.  It’s chock full, but I never felt like it was being rammed down my throat. It’s more lifelike, because life doesn’t give you one issue at at time to deal with.  You’re juggling a dozen things at once, especially in middle school.

Ilana Peña is the show’s creator and she has a lot to be proud of with DFP.  The casting is perfect.  The chemistry between Tess Romero (Elena) and Selenis Leyva (Gabi) is so real, you’ll think the actresses are mother and daughter in real life.

Selenis Leyva (Gabi) and Tess Romero (Elena) of Diary of a Future President

“Diary of a Future President” premieres on Disney+ on January 17th and I’ll be settling in with popcorn.  It’s not streaming, so be sure to add it to your watchlist.

Some of my favorite moments (okay, some spoilers here, stop reading now if you want to watch spoiler-free):

  • The girls are comfortable discussing their periods in a classroom full of boys.  The boys don’t snicker or look askance. It was not like that when I was in school and I’m glad and hopeful that it is that way now.
  • Sam’s dad jokes.  I’m going to start watching with a notebook to capture my favorites.  Listen for his dog’s name.
  • The sprinkling into the show of vocabulary words.
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit (you’ll know what I mean when you watch it)
  • Sam = #boyfriendgoals – Gabi’s got a real winner there!

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