I’ve been able to conduct a number of travel-related interviews with television and film personalities, authors, singers, running gurus, Walt Disney Imagineers, Disney Legends, and other various travel professionals. Links to those interviews as well as the ability to listen to the full audio can be found below.

Disney Legends

“Disney Legend” is an official title bestowed upon those individuals who have demonstrated excellence in imagination, skill, and artistry in creating the “magic” for the Disney Company. Many of these individuals had a direct hand in creating the Disney theme parks and travel destinations many have come to know and love.

Musician Interviews

Music plays such a large part of our travel experience, and forms the soundtrack for our travel memories. The interviews that follow are with artists on tour at popular travel destinations or artists whose music has played a large role in defining the destination.

Running Interviews

As a runner I’m inspired by the stories of the everyday people who continually struggle to better themselves as well as the stories from athletes who have competed at the highest levels. Interviews in this category are from people who can offer advice for those traveling to running/racing destinations or motivation just to get out the front door.

Television and Film Personalities

When we’re not on the road, travelers can get information on travel destinations from television and film (when we’re not reading Travel Blogs on the internet). I’ve been fortunate to chat with many television personalities from Travel Channel, Food Network, and HGTV as well as directors of film travel documentaries or movie stars also enjoying and appearing at some of our favorite destinations.

Theme Park Interviews

From the creative forces who create those immersive environments we enjoy, to the talented celebrities who make special appearances in the park, these interviews will spotlight the all various people involved with the theme park experience.

Star Wars Interviews

Who says travel has to be related to our own universe? There’s nothing wrong with a little escapist fantasy in fueling our sense of adventures. Interviews in this section highlight a personal favorite of mine, all the celebrities and personalities that make up the Star Wars Universe.