The spirit of adventure doesn’t always have to be found on the road.  We here at “Adventures by Daddy” can find adventures everyday, all around us.  The entertainment industry is rich with escapist fun.  Articles in this category will focus on news and reviews for movies, TV, and any other entertainment outlets where adventure can be found. 

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Film and DVD

The adventure film is a classic genre that dates back to the origins of the motion picture industry.  Adventures by Daddy will cover upcoming film and DVD releases as they relate to our spirit of adventure. 


Adventure can be found in many places on television these days with shows like “Survivor”, “The Amazing Race”, “Man, Woman, Wild”, “Dual Survival”, and an entire channel devoted to Travel.  This category will offer news and reviews of some of our favorite adventure shows on TV.     

Video Games

Taking on a new persona or traveling to fantastic worlds is easy to do in the world of video games.  Adventures by Daddy will offer news and reviews of select video game releases.  

Fun at Home

Family pizza/movie night, board game night, cooking, eating out, or going to a local museum - these are all ways that we celebrate the adventure at home.  Articles in this category will be a place to share ideas on making the most of our time at home.

About the Author

Married, father of two girls, and living in the heart of the Finger Lakes. I'm a runner with a PhD in neuroscience and a passion for travel.