SKELETONS Animals Unveiled! Museum Opens at Orlando’s iDrive 360

Orlando’s I-Drive360 entertainment complex is full of great attractions like the Orlando Eye and Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. It also has some great unique restaurants like The Tin Roof and The Yard House. Some smaller venues are also proving to be very special attractions including the newly opened SKELETONS Animals Unveiled! Museum.

I was hesitant to enter the new SKELETONS Animals Unveiled! Museum. I felt it was a little morbid and might be kind of depressing. You know, realizing your own mortality and all that. But it wasn’t what I expected. It felt like a celebration of life and how amazing nature and the universe really is.

Everything is real – if, for educational purposes, something is modified – it is clearly marked as such. For the most part, all of it is 100% authentic. No animal was killed for the museum. All have died from natural causes and were procured or donated to the attraction.

Skeletons! Animals Unveiled

The whole museum is focused on education. Displays are bright and lively. Information is clear and concise yet informative. Video displays explain how the bones are cleaned by beetles that get every last bit of flesh. Okay, that WAS a bit morbid but interesting.

It’s not the largest museum but it didn’t have to be. You can spend from 20 minutes up to a few hours looking closely at all the many hundreds of complete animals on display. The entrance touts a huge whale skull that I really thought was fake until I read the “It’s Real” hanging above it.

Skeletons! Animals Unveiled

I found myself leaving with a new respect for nature, how intricate it all is and how amazing we all are. It turned out to be more about life than death. Whoulda Thunk? LOL

Skeletons! Animals Unveiled

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